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Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a Cheap Website vs Expensive Website? First you have to define how much is Expensive and How much is Cheap, since the point of view of an independent entrepreneur is very different from that of a company.

From my point of view, a Cheap Website can be any development for less than $300 USD, and an Expensive Website starting from this amount, would be the website with a higher value.

But the reality is different. If you Paid x equal amount, below the aforementioned amount, and your website is not working for what it was created, it is going to be Expensive and much worse, if you paid an Expensive website and in the same way it is not generating Prospects I think you are getting a lot Very Expensive.

First, we are going to define what is the actual function of a website regardless of whether it is a cheap website or an expensive website.

A website must communicate to users the Information of your company, and the benefits of your services or products, for the Generation of Prospects and it must encourage the Internet user to buy. Selling is the goal.

When someone says I only want a website to have a presence on the internet, the first thing I think about is if they really want to have a presence, they have to invest in a very good development.

Cheap Website Vs Expensive Website

I can’t think of another example to be able to explain what makes the difference between a cheap website vs an Expensive website, but I will describe it as follows.

Let’s think about cars. It is like a car race where the most equipped have a real chance to really compete for the top positions and win a race. Of course, the skills of the Driver also count to be able to handle that super powerful car, but about him, we will talk later.

Endless clients have called us where they talk to us about their project, we see their competition, and we tell them that in order to compete against these larger and more consolidated companies, you need to invest x amount of money and they end up saying “the Truth was looking for a website cheap just to have a presence ”.

Dear entrepreneur, dear businessman, to be able to get into the race with the possibility of being the champion, you need a good car that is up to the competition.

It is not the same to participate in an amateur race, than in an amateur race, or in a professional one. Landing it in the commercial world, the investment you need depends on the sector or niche in which you operate. A cheap website can hardly be fighting for the first places against its competitors if it is not planned and optimized for it.

For Google it is essential to position quality websites in its Search Engines, so it is better that your website complies with all Google parameters, because these characteristics that the most used search engine in the world takes into account, is what can increase the value of the creation of the site development.

In addition to the creation of a functional website, a web positioning or SEO strategy must be made, which ensures that the site will have greater visibility in organic searches, and therefore greater visits, which greatly benefits the increase in conversions ( sales).

Google’s logic is: if your website does not meet the characteristics that make it worthy of being shown in the best position, and it does not have quality content, it does not deserve to be shown in my results.

Therefore, our logic as entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs should be: we have to create the best website for Google to show us in the first places of search results.

A cheap website usually only complies with the basic information of the company, the products and / or services it offers, but does not include the content of quality and interest for users, so you should hire copywriters who generate that content to create a dynamic website, including the keywords that users use to do their searches.

This is where, returning to the topic of car racing, the fundamental part to be able to win it comes in, which is the Driver. If the company (the driver who drives the car) is not aware that the website is a generator of leads and sales, it is hardly going to work well since it is common that many people think that the creation of a website is enough to that works by itself to sell, they leave it on autopilot and don’t monitor the results your site returns daily.

Users who visit an abandoned website, or left on automatic pilot, suffer from not being served when they make contact with the company through its web platform. Has it happened to you that you send a message on a website and they never responded? Have you come across a website that has been abandoned for centuries and provides outdated information or promotions and offers that expired years ago?

Allow users or potential customers to see This can be expensive since instead of attracting customers the opposite will happen.

Now, we are focusing a lot only on the website, but there are a lot of points to review around a project; the website is just the tip of the iceberg.

It is important to think of a website as an essential part, but it is not the only part of a sales project. The website is the center of your marketing strategy, no matter how big your venture or your company is, that is why we show you these points to take into account.

5 Points to Consider Before Creating Your Website

1 Research your competition

If you really want to compete and take a slice of the cake that is shared only by the biggest, check your competition’s website so that you are more clear about what you have to have, at least to be on par, however, If among your possibilities is to create a website that greatly improves what your competitors have done, it would be ideal.

2 Define your Products or Services well

As a client requesting a website, you must know and perfectly describe your products or services, which would make it much easier for the agency to create quality content for your site. With the correct information, web positioning (SEO) is favored to achieve a presence in the Search Engines through quality content.

3 Budget to Promote Your Website

When looking for a service as important as a website, it is natural that you request quotes with different web design or digital marketing agencies, and you will choose the one that convinces you the most. It is important that you know that the website will not automatically show up in search engines just because it was created, and that it will not have visits as if by magic. Creating it is only the central part of the Campaign or marketing strategy, therefore it is essential to define a budget invested intelligently so that you see results with the help of the implementation of web positioning tactics (SEO).

This advance in positioning is gradual due to the fact that a recently created website can hardly be shown quickly in the first places of search results in Google. If you don’t believe me, take the test.

Search for your product or service with the keyword that refers to it, and see how many links with organic positioning (not ads) appear on the first page of results, when those publications of your competition were created, or how long ago they were published. Do you appear in that list of links on the first page?

If the link of your website is not there, you need to invest in its positioning and the improvement of its content.

4 Do it yourself

Remember what we mentioned at the beginning of the post, you must have a site at the level of your competitors, but of course, it is always possible to do better with the help and experience of an agency specialized in marketing and web design. If you are clear about your objectives and effectively communicate to the agency the value of your company and products, the result is much better.

5 Traffic to your website

It is useless to have a very beautiful website if no one visits it, that is why we reiterate the importance of web positioning or SEO to increase the visibility of the site. To be in the first places of search results, is to be in view of the users and potential clients.


Remember the saying that says “Cheap is Expensive”. The perception we have of expensive or cheap things varies from one person to another, but the important thing here is that what you pay you make sure that it is an investment that generates Profits since, even if you pay a very high cost for your website If it is not optimized for your positioning and does not have quality content, you will see it as an expense that did not generate anything for you.

I know that it is very difficult for many entrepreneurs to make a decision when investing, but I hope I have influenced a little in opening your mind, and do not continue to believe that an expensive website will work the same as a cheap one, especially if it is not made to position it. .

If you hire an agency or do it yourself, remember that the website must clearly project the image that you want clients to see of your company, so think about how you want them to see you or your company in the Digital World. Go for everything.

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