My website is not generating leads, ultimate guide to fix it!

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To avoid saying, “My website is not generating leads” no one wants to admit it. It’s bad news for you, your team, and your company, so you need to get your website back in operation as soon as possible. That is why we have compiled this guide on how to increase and fix the number of website leads.

My website is not generating leads, ultimate guide to fix it! 22

1. Use SEO to enhance search results.

Just 44% of companies used SEO in 2017, with search engine optimization (SEO) being one of the least-utilized digital marketing strategies. However, this strategy for online marketing has a major impact on the development of organic lead generation.

When you have a business that utilizes SEO, you use a large collection of strategies that focus on enhancing your visibility in search results, such as on Google. People and business buyers look for higher visibility in search results because that’s how they conduct their searches.

You will be invisible to your target market if your organization does not appear in search results relating to your industry, business, products, or services. A decrease in website leads would be the direct result for your organization.

Regardless of whether or not you use SEO, success is not guaranteed.

Successful SEO strategy development requires skill as well as knowledge of technical SEO. It’s an ongoing investment as well. Any company or industry will be unable to launch and leave an optimized page. It is imperative that SEO be a central component of your overall business strategy.

Now, how do you use SEO to boost your website’s lead generation?

Start improving your website’s lead generation rate by doing the following:

  • It is highly recommended that you conduct an audit of your website whether in-house or with a trusted SEO agency.
  • By researching your market on social media, you can find out what their wants and pain points are.
  • Using tools like KeywordsFX, compile a list of relevant keywords to use on your website.
  • Make every effort to optimize your content and multimedia in accordance with current SEO practices
  • Publish your optimized content to your website and social media sites.
  • Make sure to conduct checks on your content’s performance every month

On the whole, your company should see content performance begin in six months. As your website’s visibility in search results improves, your site’s traffic should increase. When targeting search terms that are relevant to your business, you should make sure that your traffic consists of qualified visitors.

My Website Doesn’t Drive Leads

2. Make your WEBSITE load faster

The other main cause for websites to fall short when it comes to lead generation is their speed. Search engine optimization (SEO) will be harmed if your pages take a long time to load. This could cause you to rank lower, get less traffic, and generate fewer leads. That is why you want to examine both your site’s SEO and your website’s load time.

For the end user, it’s clear why a slow website will reduce your number of new customers. Regardless of how useful your product or service is to companies, nobody wants to wait for your website to load.

Users have come to expect web sites to load in two seconds or less.

On the other hand, a surprising number of websites fail to meet expectations. Improving page speed is a small but quick win for your business. Making just a single, one-second improvement in page speed yields a seven percent increase in conversions.

Page speed also affects your SEO

The bounce rate of relevant pages helps to determine how search engines like Google rank pages in search results. A bounce rate indicates the percentage of site visitors who landed on your page, but then left without interacting with it.

In search engine terminology, this response means that the searchers were unable to find what they were looking for on your website. Your ranking declines as a result, which results in a drop in traffic numbers and lead generation efforts.

And what can you do to improve your page speed in order to get more website leads?

When trying to increase website speed, you will need to put in the time and effort required for development, as well as doing the following things:

  • Use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to check your site’s load time.
  • When it’s done, compile your PageSpeed Insights results and recommendations.
  • Make changes to your publishing practices with regard to content and multimedia

Some ideas for ways your business might modify your website and publishing practices include:

  • You can also compress your image files
  • reducing the number of redirects
  • Minimizing the CSS file sizes
  • Making your HTML files more efficient
  • choosing a new web hosting service

If your company doesn’t have a dedicated developer in-house or a development team with limited time, page speed optimization services are definitely worth your investment. Page speed optimization services will enable you to speed up your site, boost your SEO, and generate new website leads.

My website is not generating leads, ultimate guide to fix it! 23

3. Make your contact forms more efficient

Your company can generate leads from your website in a number of ways.

  • A user makes a phone call to your business, which is connected to your site via a dedicated phone number.
  • They subscribe to an email newsletter, e-book, or other content.
  • Your contact form is finished, as a user has completed it.

When it comes to generating leads, phone calls are extremely important, but contact forms are commonly used by businesses. If you aren’t getting leads on your website, then you should look at your contact forms.

Leads who hold great potential for your business arrive on your site, view your products or services, and consider contacting you until they see your contact form. To create or break lead generation, your contact form is always asking for too much information or providing a broken form.

Based on this, how do you best improve your contact forms in order to maximize lead generation on your site?

The following techniques will help your contact forms regain their previous levels of performance:

  • Testing your form will ensure that it works, which will then allow you to provide the information to your sales team.
  • Involve family, friends, and coworkers in the survey and request feedback
  • Determine which fields you will need and which ones you will not require
  • For example, include a compelling, benefit-rich call-to-action (CTA)
  • Start form fields, copy, and design tests using A/B tests.
  • above the fold on appropriate pages, such as a service or product page

You can continue to enhance the performance and features of your contact forms even after your business completes this in-depth audit and renovation of your contact forms. You could use the Google Optimize tool, for example, to conduct regular A/B tests so that you can further drive your lead generation efforts forward.

My website is not generating leads, ultimate guide to fix it! 24

4. Include captivating CTAs

When you are not getting web leads, examine various areas of your website. One industry company tends to overlook the influence of their CTAs, however. Although a CTA may appear minor, it can have a tremendous impact on user behavior.

You provide your business’s customers with a recommendation by implementing a CTA. For example, a service page may tell users to contact your team to give them a trial run of your software. Alternatively, it may imply that they complete a form to receive an instant quote.

By failing to include a call-to-action on your website, you leave your visitors with too many options. Regardless of whether you use CTAs across your site, even if you have an uncompelling offer, your potential leads might ignore your instructions. Regardless of whether or not your business and website are producing leads, they aren’t helping you generate new business.

For this reason, how can you use CTAs to increase website visitors?

To turn your CTAs into persuasive recommendations, your company must take the following three steps:

  • Assess your audience and discover what their wants, needs, and frustrations are
  • Conduct research on your competitors and evaluate their CTAs and point of differentiation (USPs)
  • Brainstorm possible CTA ideas with your research and assessment.
  • Make your CTAs more noticeable on your page by updating your page design.

When it comes to increasing the strength of your call-to-actions, here are some helpful tips:

  • Keep your CTAs short and concise
  • concentrate your calls to action on what the customer wants or needs
  • whether A or B Before implementing new CTAs, try using tools like Google Optimize
  • Minimize the use of buzzwords, and keep your CTAs simple.

Even if your business has found a CTAs formula that works, you must continue to develop and test CTAs. Every time you update, you can find new ways to get your audience excited and boost your lead generation numbers.


5. Target potential customers at every stage of the buying funnel

Your marketing and advertising strategy may focus on bottom-of-the-funnel users, depending on your business. In order to be successful, you must attract buyers who are ready to purchase your product or service, not those who are just doing research and comparison shopping.

However, the narrow focus of your website restricts your ability to generate leads.

Top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) and middle-of-the-funnel users are typically ignored by businesses, thus excluding themselves from a major market (MOFU). It is still easy for marketing and advertising strategies to overlook these valuable customers.

That is why your business wants to engage customers throughout the buying funnel. To build relationships with future leads, and then sign them once they’re ready to buy, your company should use a comprehensive, all-encompassing approach to the buying funnel.

As a result, how do you target the entire funnel for new leads?

becoming a TOFU, MOFU, and BOFU user business:

  • obtaining information on what FTO, MTO, and BTO wish to find out about your industry or service
  • creating content for MOFU, TOFU, and BOFU search queries, as well as optimizing it for SEO
  • increasing the value of your content by using social media channels

Remember that implementing this strategy will take time to yield results. It will be a while before your content appears in search results, unless you launch a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign to promote it.


6. Take your website and turn it into a lead-generating machine

Your website needs to be producing leads for you to have a problem.

Buyers in today’s business world use the Internet, as well as search engines, to conduct research, identify, and connect with prospective clients. For a successful website, one that drives leads, you need a site that performs well in search results and provides a better user experience.

To begin making good progress on your website’s lead generation numbers, begin working on them today. The best way to ensure success on the web is to use optimization tools. In addition, Marcelo Design X helps you keep track of your leads.

Marcelo Design X can help you with SEO strategy development, launch, and management. As with over four and a half million leads generated for clients in the last five years, we are trusted for business today.

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