The best way to choose a web design agency in the Caribbean

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When you have a small list of five or seven web design agencies in the Caribbean that meet your basic criteria, you should contact them, request proposals, and carefully select the one that fits perfectly with you.

In this article we will help you evaluate each web design agency on your short list. There are four sections that you should keep in mind: basic qualifications, communications, references and proposals. At the end of this article you will have a clear idea of ​​which prospect should be your final option.

Learn how to choose a web design agency in the Caribbean

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Communications: Pay attention to early signs

When you contact a web design agency in the caribbean, the best thing you can do is be meticulous in your communications. Since communication is a two-way street, you have to carefully convey your exact expectations. Explain your goals explicitly and comment on what you expect from the website. Take one more step only when you have reached a mutual agreement.

It is the job of the web design agency to ask questions and offer solutions. Then you can evaluate the experience and attention based on each presentation.

After you have announced your goals, they will formulate their proposals. These proposals need to clearly detail how they will help you achieve your goals.

Your first communications with potential web design agencies give you a first feel for the energy they will be able to in your project. Communicate, communicate and communicate by phone, email, and in person. Ask questions and pay attention to how they respond. This is your chance to scan in detail before making a decision.

Rank each web design agency (using a table or graph) on a scale of 1 to 10 for each of the following criteria:

  • Do you have a complete understanding of your company’s goals? Do they demonstrate a deep understanding of your needs?
  • Have they identified and offered adequate solutions to your main problems and concerns?
  • If you already have a website, have they identified flaws and areas for improvement? Were they able to devise solutions on their own, were they energetic, and offered appropriate analysis and solutions?
  • Did they seem professional, trustworthy and experienced? Were they presented as true experts in the field of web design and development?
  • Did they agree with everything you said or did they offer other alternative solutions? Were they determined in their suggestions even though you put up resistance?
  • Were they communicated clearly? Did they reach a mutual understanding? Did they listen carefully to your comments and ideas? Could you imagine a productive relationship with them and a successful product?
  • Were you generous and informative with preliminary ideas? Did they answer all your questions satisfactorily? Did they offer innovative and exciting information that was consistent with your goals?
  • Did they formulate the correct answers and were their questions relevant? The fact that an agency does not ask few or no questions probably means that it will not produce good results.
  • Did they show a process or methodology (worksheets, questionnaires, interviews) to be of help and ensure that you have the same vision? The most reputable web design agencies have processes to achieve established objectives.
  • How long does it take to answer your calls and emails? Do they answer your doubts and questions promptly? A good indicator of their future availability during projects is their response times.
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Sending request for proposal

If you consider that one of these web design agencies has not passed your communications test, discard it. You don’t even need a proposal. Effective communication is the cornerstone for every project. Communication failure at the start of a project is a warning of communication problems that are likely to continue throughout the process.

Send your request for proposals to the remaining web design agencies and be sure to indicate the delivery date for the proposal and instructions. Plus, include your contact information for tracking details.

Finally, be willing to almost ask your prospects questions. You are equally responsible for providing the pertinent information that a web design agency in the Caribbean needs to complete a proposal. Give all your candidates the same information by answering all their questions diligently and early. If some members of your team answer some questions better, make the connection, so that the doubts of the agencies are better clarified.

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Protect your confidential information

If your request for proposal contains any proprietary or confidential information (such as a unique idea, business methodologies, secrets, etc.), you need a confidentiality agreement for each prospect before committing any details to your request.

The confidentiality agreement protects you by prohibiting the use or disclosure of your confidential information outside of your working relationship. Many web design agencies have their own confidentiality agreements, but it is best for your attorney to prepare one that fully protects you.

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Request references and work samples

As design agencies work diligently on your proposals, ask them for references. You should check the references to find information about your possible partner design agency. Experience, reputation and positive ratings are three essential attributes that you should take into account in your decision. The best thing to do is put together a complete profile of the agency so you can make an informed decision.

When asking for examples of work from your prospects, ask for a diversified portfolio. You must see a broad spectrum of their work so that you can compare and contrast results. You must be confident that the web design agency has the experience to achieve the specific results of your company and that it does not use the same strategy for all its clients. Check out the variety of his work gives you a little exposure to subtle and clear distinctions in his projects.

If they can’t provide references, or if they don’t have a minimum of three web pages for your review, be careful. Any reputable web design agency should be able to answer this request. Spend time on this step. It can consume a good part of your time, but it is an important preliminary factor that contributes to your decision.

On a separate worksheet or chart, rate each design agency on a scale of 0-10 on their portfolios and reference criteria.

Referral Assessments

Ask the agency referral contacts the following questions and rate their responses with your notes:

  • Did the agency meet your expectations? Did the website achieve business objectives?
  • The website was completed on time and was not over budget?
  • Would you hire the web design agency again? Why? How trustworthy was the agency?
  • Were there charges that were not anticipated?

Keep these tips in mind when hiring a web design agency. Check our portfolio and contact us if you have any questions. We are sure that we can advise you.

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