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A professional web design in the Caribbean or a web design company, have not only a creativity that they have developed over the years, but also a know-how about technical aspects that impact both on the user experience and – not least – on the optimization for Google and other search engines. Here I explain not only the reasons, but also the questions to evaluate when choosing a web designer.

Why hire a professional web design in the Caribbean?

The first reason to hire a professional web designer – just the first one – is the aesthetic issue. And if you want a website to do business, your cover letter has to show your professionalism and your focus on excellence. And your website is that, your cover letter (among other things).

But there are other less obvious reasons. Among which, surely the most important is optimization for Google and other web search engines. It is at least expected that web design companies, or a freelance web designer, also have an expertise in SEO (search engine optimization).

If you have a business or business website (or need one), the first thing you want is for your potential customers to find your site when they do a Google search. That’s what I mean by that outstanding phrase that you can see as soon as you get to the main page of this site: that your next site is visually attractive, but, above all, that it works.

A professional web designer should implement all the SEO techniques that are within their reach to deliver a search engine optimized site. But at this point I always insist that the designer’s work is only part of the goal of achieving top positions in Google. Asking web design companies, or the freelance designer, to design a site for you to appear first on Google is not realistic.

Because not all designers offer SEO service, in our case we do offer SEO service for those companies that seek to position their business at the top.

What to look at on the web designer site?

When choosing a professional web designer, you will surely do a Google search and visit their own sites. As in any purchase decision, the price / quality ratio will be decisive. Naturally, I can’t get into your budget or tell you how much money you should invest in your next website (which, furthermore, depends on a number of variables). But I will leave you some “tips” to which you can pay special attention so that you do not allow yourself to be seduced with deceptive images or bombastic phrases.

Of course, the first thing you will pay attention to is the feeling that the site generates from the visual point of view. If the site of the web designer himself does not look good, leave it, even if he bombards you with posters that promote unbeatable prices.

If you really want a website that is the pillar of our online presence, give up paying little money and discard freelance web designers who are “on sale.

The equation is very simple: a well-made website takes many hours of work. A web design company or a freelance web designer that charges little money, can not dedicate the amount of hours that a professional website requires.

Spend time, above all, not only touring the web designer’s own site, but, above all, his portfolio of work done. And visit the sites you have designed. If you don’t have links to those sites, be suspicious. If he only shows an image (a screenshot) of those sites, and doesn’t offer you a link to visit them, you have the right to suspect that there is something he doesn’t want you to see. Tour some of those sites, pay attention to design and functionality.

And pay attention to the loading speed of those sites (both the designer’s own and those of his clients). Especially if the websites are visually impactful from the creative and the animating, but you have to wait long seconds until the page is displayed, my recommendation is that you also thumb down. There are web design companies (or freelance designers) that put all the focus on visual impact, without caring if the site they develop meets the conditions to be effective and bring results to their clients. Those sites are everything you DO NOT want for your business: they are expensive and ineffective, although visually they can be impressive.

Your own needs when looking for a web designer

When looking for and choosing a professional web designer, your priority must always be what is most effective for your business in terms of results. Will your supplier be just a good designer, or will he be a professional who understands business? That is something that you can only know when you contact the person (if he is a feelance designer) or the company. Pay attention to the type of questions that he asks you in order to quote your site, and at his disposal to advise you and show you the different possibilities or the best options depending on what your business may need.

Even when you think, a priori, that what you need is “only” a website to publicize your services, the added value of a professional web designer is precisely the expertise and know-how to advise you on a universe of possibilities that perhaps you do not know.

How to analyze the price of a web design proposal?

It is worth making the distinction between the concepts of quotation and proposal. If you come following me to this point in reading the article, you will understand that what a professional web designer should present to you is a proposal, and that the quote is only the value in economic terms of that proposal.

Does the proposal accurately describe the needs of your business and the characteristics and functionalities that the project must have? Does it define precisely the work methodology that will be followed to finalize the project?

For example, a crucial aspect is that related to the elaboration of texts. Will the client deliver them, and will the web designer just design without reviewing or touching on anything the client delivers? Will the designer review and improve them based on search engine optimization and marketing? And in that sense, what expertise does the designer or web design company offer for those aspects of the project? Will the designer develop all texts based on source materials provided by the client? Having these points clearly and clearly defined are key to the success of the project and for the website to be what it should be.

And in relation to the design itself, will the designer present previous models? Will the client be able to see the work in process and give their feedback and observations during the design process, or will they only be able to see it after the work is completed?

Not least, what will and will not be included in terms of software, licenses, images, etc.? Whether the website will be developed in HTML (as it is usually said when it is developed with a design tool such as Dreamweaver) or on the WordPress platform (among others), software packages that can be free or paid are used. The price of the web design has to specify these issues so that later there are no surprises.


As I said at the beginning, your business or business website is an investment. You have to consider it that way. Developing a successful and sustainable business requires investments, both in time and money. We all seek to reduce costs in the operation of our business.

The key is to recognize sensitive and strategic areas, and “optimize” costs, which means saving without sacrificing quality and excellence, especially for your target audience, that is, your potential customers.

Your website is the axis around which your online presence strategy revolves. If your website is not the best possible, everything else you do in terms of digital marketing will be tainted by the shortcomings and bad experience that users have when visiting and browsing it.

Start building the foundation for a successful business now!


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