How to manage social media for small businesses in the Caribbean

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How to manage social media for small businesses in the Caribbean

You have decided to found your company, you have taken it forward with your effort and talent, perhaps you decided to enter electronic commerce and even advertise on the internet. It’s time to dive a little deeper into your online business: social media.

There will be those who will tell you that social networks are not for everyone. I say that if you have a powerful dissemination tool at your fingertips with a relatively low investment cost that could bring you many benefits, it is imperative to take advantage of it.

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On this occasion, I want to give you some advice on starting and managing the new social networks of your business. Cheer up!

Choose which social networks to use

If you are just starting out, you may not be able to handle multiple accounts optimally. My best advice is to identify where your customers are and only create a starter account.

Facebook will undoubtedly be the most chosen option. But stop to see the benefits that other networks such as Twitter, Instagram or even LinkedIn can offer you. The latter is vital if you want to network with other entrepreneurs who may do business with you in the future. We will delve into this topic in another post.

As your business and your needs grow, you can start creating new networks and adhering them to your digital marketing strategy. And this will be sooner than you imagine.

Make a social network truly yours

Make sure you post all the necessary information so that your customers and new visitors know exactly who you are, what you offer and what are the characteristics that make you stand out.

Don’t be afraid to express all the good things about your company. Far from looking cocky, speaking well of your own company generates curiosity in your followers, resulting in the intention of checking your quality.

This is the first step towards an online reputation. Make sure it’s always positive.

What to post

Steve Strauss, author of the book Small Business Bible, says that “80% of the content that is distributed through social networks should be about your customers. Only 20% should be about you and your business.”

It is a somewhat rigid rule for an environment as flexible and changeable as that of social networks. But one thing is certain: you must create and share content related to the interests and hobbies of your customers.

Make your followers feel heard, ask them questions, thank them for their comments and get to know them. If they like soccer, for example, you should make sure to acknowledge at least the most significant events to generate dialogue among your customers.

Try to be graphic. Including photos and videos generates a greater reach and encourages the participation of your audience. Lean on your trusted graphic designer (or freelancer) to generate content ideas.

Learn to handle crises

There are doubts, there are complaints and there are annoyances every day in social networks. One day, inevitably, you will have to attend to a crisis.

Do not worry! It’s not the end of the world. If it is a generalized case, publicly acknowledge your knowledge of the problem and attend to the people who could be affected. Offer apologies and, if possible, a small compensation that leaves a good taste in your mouth.

If the problems are specific, try to fix things in private. Make your support service a personalized experience. Ask for a phone number or whatsapp and communicate to apologize for the inconvenience. Your affected customers will appreciate this little gesture of concern.

Keep learning

Every day you learn something new when it comes to social media. Read a lot, sign up for some courses, and experiment. The best way to manage social networks is unique for each person or company. Follow your instincts, be positive and create a pleasant experience every time you reach the eyes of your customers.

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