15 tips to boost your business on social media

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15 tips to boost your business on social media. It is not just about being present on social networks, but doing it well. Here are 15 helpful tips to help you make your business shine on social media.

Here I am going to share 15 tips that you should take into account when managing the presence of your business on social networks … Let’s go upstairs!

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15 tips to boost your business on social media

1. Set the course with a strategy

In the construction of a building you do not put a single block, rod or stone without first having the support of professionals, soil studies, research, plans, etc. Starting to build without some of these elements would be absurd, it could even take lives. In the same way it happens with the presence of your business in social networks. Being present without counting a strategy that sets the course, is to drive blindfolded on a road full of curves… It is to condemn yourself to crash, and in a very bad way.

Without strategy you will have no idea what steps you should take, what objectives you should pursue, who you should reach, what content you will use to achieve it, how you will organize such content, and how you will measure the success of your actions on social media.

2. The Buyer Persona is your best friend

On social media it’s all about connecting with people in an authentic way, so the best way to do this is to know exactly who your target audience is and how they behave.

When you know the consumer in depth, connecting with them is easier, since you know exactly what their problems are and how you can help them solve them.

So, when working in the presence of your business on social networks, the buyer person is your best friend. Do not leave it aside.

3. Choose the right social platforms

Have you heard of the Prism of Conversation? This little square that you see below, which is a visual map of all the existing social platforms on the Internet.

Now that you are seeing virtually the entire social universe, do you think you can really create AND MAINTAIN a profile on each and every one of these platforms or at least 10%? It is simply absurd.

So when choosing social platforms, take into account the nature of your business and also identify which platform your buyer persona is participating in. But in addition to that, think about your ability to manage those platforms, since it is better that you only manage one platform well done, that you have a presence on 10 digital channels and that you do it poorly. Don’t you think

4. Never ignore the nature of every social platform

When you use social media incorrectly, you not only show an unprofessional image, but you imply that you are only throwing flying kicks “to see” what hits you.

Each social platform has a purpose and a type of audience, so each one requires a type of behavior and content. Before choosing, learn these details and you will make smarter decisions.

5. Optimize your business’s social profiles

When a person finds one of your business profiles, they can have all the information they need at hand.

6. Use content the right way

In the information age, content is your best ally, since it is what people are looking for on the Internet, so it is what helps you attract them to you. However, when you misuse the content, this may work against you or it just doesn’t help you generate results.

Avoid content:

  • Irrelevant. People decide to follow you and consume your content because they understand that you can add value to them. Do not make them decide to stop doing it because you are saturating them with content that does not add to them, educates, much less helps them make decisions.
  • Too commercial. Do not misunderstand me, publishing commercial content is important, since it helps you make people know what you have to offer, however, there is a limit to everything and publishing too much commercial content can saturate people and even annoy them. In fact, according to Sprout Social, 6 out of 10 people on social media resent seeing a lot of promotional content.
  • With errors and / or misspellings. When you’re not careful writing, you not only make your business look low-class and unprofessional, but you take away its credibility by indicating negligence and carelessness.
  • Without any optimization. Each social platform requires sizes, formats and specifications so that the contents can be seen in the best way. Yes, it is easier to take the same image and publish it on all platforms, but that does not mean it is the right thing.

7. Share experiences

Help your audience see, feel and imagine what their experience could be like when they become your client. A good way is to take advantage of content produced by the users themselves. Those who have already lived this experience and publish it voluntarily.

8. Use HTs in the correct way.

Hashtags are essential in social networks, since they help you to categorize content, but in addition to this they increase your reach, since they allow your content to be seen by people interested in that topic, even if they don’t follow you.

Now, the issue with HTs is in:

  • Know HOW to use them
  • Know HOW MANY to use
  • Know WHICH to use
  • In other words, use them strategically (with common sense) and not indiscriminately, as is often the case.

9. Before posting, double check

Many of the most popular virals are the result of mistakes in a business account. Reviewing will take less time than quenching a crisis. That I can assure you.

Also, try to keep your personal and business accounts separate, to avoid mistakes.

The theme of influencers has fabric to cut and make clothes for a whole year, but I will limit myself to recommending that when choosing influencers, you should take into account factors such as your objective, your ideal client and the nature of your product. or service.

Why should you take this into account? Well, as much as you love influencers with many followers, they are not always what you need.

10. If you are going to work with influencers, do it correctly.

On the other hand, it must be credible, so there is no point in using an influencer to promote a product that is well known to be part of your day-to-day or possibly never been used.

11. Listen to your audience, every interaction counts… Even the negative ones

Through social media you have a platform that allows you to listen and pay attention to what people have to say about your business. These are reactions and feedbacks that help you improve, as long as these are taken into account.

The constant and consistent publication of content is important, however, it is through interaction with the people who create the relationship. It is recommended that you reply to their comments and messages in less than 24 hours. The faster you respond, the better.

It is as simple as that all business is due to people. If you do not treat them properly, you will simply lose them as customers, which can affect you if those people express the bad experience. y According to Sprout Social, 15% of people stop following a business when they are ignored. An example of a very bad reaction is the following message sent to a person who 99% made their comments in private. BTW: This restaurant no longer exists. I guess their great service led to that.

12. Has a protocol for handling comments

The response to each comment, and the actions that accompany them, depend on the intention of the comment. Use the table below as a guide to know how to deal with any comments your business receives on social media:

PRO TIP: always keep in mind the negative feedbacks of your audience. Thanks to Facebook and Google My Business you can obtain opinions and ratings from your current clients, which helps you in acquiring new clients, but it is also a thermometer that allows you to know the opportunities for improvement of your business.

13. Have a crisis management plan on hand

It is inevitable to receive negative comments, however, you must pay special attention to them, since any business is exposed to a crisis in social networks, and a bad situation poorly managed can become your worst nightmare.

Prepare an action plan in case of crisis. Believe me, they don’t always happen, but when it happens, having that little plan handy will get you out of tremendous trouble. Why? Because in the midst of a crisis everyone goes crazy and the desperation of the situation can make you react incorrectly.

Below I share a table that can help you a lot when creating that action plan for crisis management.

14. It is worth taking advantage of trends, but …

Yes, I know that there is a new trend every day and there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of the wave of interactions to attract a little attention to your business. Now, if that monopolized “attention” is not aligned with your business objectives, we are not at all.

Many businesses have masterfully capitalized on trends. Just like Snickers did with the cross flag theme.

But on the other side of the coin are businesses that abuse the resource or that are simply extremely reckless, such as the misguided post that a beauty salon made a few days before the arrival of Hurricane Irma:

Or the famous tweet published by Walmart Mexico several years ago after an earthquake.

15. Do not stay alone on social networks

Digital presence is not only Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and WhatsApp… The digital environment is much more.

Now, if you are not yet present on the Internet, a good way to start is through social networks. But as I said, this is the first step, not the only one. Start building a digital community, as you plan the next steps.

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