Top 30 keywords for food businesses in Trinidad and Tobago


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Many of us are already aware that the food industry is highly sought after in Trinidad and Tobago. Anyone interested in starting a food business has a good chance of success if they employ various marketing strategies.

Along with being a keyword that receives approximately 4k monthly searches, it also has a very low cost of up to $0.20 per click, which is ideal if you want to begin promoting your business in this industry today.

Let’s check out the following table.

Top 30 keywords for food businesses in Trinidad and Tobago

Keyword Avg. monthly searches Competition Competition Competition (indexed value)
restaurant 5400 Low Low 0
food 3600 Low Low 0
food near me 1000 Low Low 1
restaurants near me 1600 Low Low 1
chinese food near me 260 Low Low 0
fast food near me 170 Low Low 0
sushi near me 170 Low Low 1
pizza hut near me 210 Low Low 0
honey 1300 Low Low 1
subway near me 260 Low Low 0
chinese near me 70 Low Low 0
mexican food near me 20 Low Low 0
cake 1600 Low Low 0
guacamole 390 Low Low 0
quinoa 1300 Low Low 0
cheesecake 590 Low Low 0
kfc near me 720 Low Low 0
ice cream 1300 Low Low 0
falafel 590 Low Low 0
ramen 480 Low Low 0
banana bread 880 Low Low 1
pancakes 720 Low Low 0
birthday cake 1300 Low Low 0
chinese food 720 Low Low 0
chicken 1300 Low Low 0
tacos 590 Low Low 0
burger king near me 110 Low Low 0

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