Website vs Social Media which is best for you Business?

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Website vs Social Media. What suits you best as a businessman? Having a social profile for your business has some benefits for those who have just started their Online presence. No one doubts that, moreover, it is the first thing that is thought when we want to echo our product or service.

You may have wondered, “Why do I need a website when I can only use social media to promote my business?” It is an excellent question that clients often ask me: So, “website versus social media”, what is the best option for you?

Website vs Social Media what suits your business better?

Why would someone want to create a website when they can simply set up social media pages for their company on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram.

But if they put me to choose between a website and a social media, there I do have a couple of things to argue.

Benefits of Social Media

Here are some of the benefits small businesses get from using social media for their business:

Social Media is free

When it comes to social media, in addition to being “FREE”, being easy to set up, there are millions of people on the platform looking to interact with you.

There are not too many requirements to create a basic social account for a company. Logo profile, basic description and start publishing.

Requires little or no technical expertise

Most platforms are easy to use and do not require technical knowledge. When creating a Company Page or Fan Page, there are simple forms to fill out that request all of your vital business information in an organized and easy-to-follow manner.

Don’t know how to encode? No problem. Simply write the information in the boxes, load some images and voila, let’s roll that everything is pampa.

Social sites have been really good at making their platforms easy to use for anyone. And because of that, most people who have a profile can easily create a business page or account.

Website vs Social Media

Many people on one platform

Facebook has more than a billion users. It is an integrated audience that you can access when you register. Obviously not everyone who uses social media is in the mood to follow you like this, this does not guarantee that you will have many followers that easy. You should also know that a large percentage of Facebook users, between the ages of 13 and 18, are obviously users without any purchasing power, and who use social media to share memes, socialize with friends, family, their priority is not is to buy.

Nobody who really wants to make a purchase looks for it on social media. It does not work like this, who wants to buy a product or service the first thing they do is Google it. hence the importance of having a website that appears in the top positions with SEO.

Not to mention that your company profiles do not appear in Google search results or not always.

Benefits of a Website

Because having a website has a number of general benefits and advantages, I have written a full article that I called it: 10 Benefits of Having a Website, I would like you to read it too.


Any business that is considered serious should have a professional website to display their products or services.

Furthermore, we all take it for granted that a company must have a website. Since this is a showcase of your business to the web world. The website will always be your cover letter, your advertisement that will work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Customers will be able to see what you offer anytime anywhere, even outside business hours your website will continue to receive new customers.

When you have a website with the domain name of your company, you will have corporate email accounts, example:

It is not the same to write to your client, or to a Corporation from your free account, Absolute Control Having your own website is having total control. Everything you post on your site is yours, you can reuse content, you can even monetize it.

Social media limit the control you have of your profile, it is easy to set up accounts because things are simple, but it is also limiting if you want to do more specific things. They have rules for contests, they have rules for what you can post, they have rules for how often you can post, and even how many of your followers will see your updates.

On your own website you can publish what you want, you can request subscriptions by email, you can run a contest, everything is under your control.

As a business owner what would you prefer?

A) Establish a store in someone else’s store (without a lease).

B) Owning or renting a dedicated space for your business.

With the first option, you are at the mercy of the store owner. If you no longer want your business to be in their store, then you will be out of business until you find a new location. If this person decides to close tomorrow, your company cannot reach your customers and your income will be affected.

However, if you own or lease, then you have much more control over your situation. Changes in someone else’s business will not affect you. The same thing happens when you have a website that you can control, instead of building your Online presence only on a social media platform.

A great recent example of this was when many business pages were corrupted when Facebook’s algorithms were updated. Which decreased the reach of commercial pages. There was nothing business could do except complain. At the end of the day, they had to accept the new rules and move on or move on.

The same could happen on another social platform at any time. YouTube may start charging you for storing videos on its servers. Twitter could decide to become a premium platform where companies have to “pay to play.” In any of these circumstances, if you do not pay, you will no longer be able to communicate with your customers.

A website is the “hub” of your online presence: social media is a marketing tool.

This is how you should treat social media.

Use social media as a marketing platform to drive traffic to your website. Use that traffic to increase your potential customer base so you can reach them anytime, anywhere and on your own terms.

Social media is not a channel where you can close deals. They are a means to socialize and have a closer deal improving the Engagement.

At the end of the day, it is much smarter to invest in something you own than to build on land that does not belong to you. Someday the rules will change and it could have a big impact on your business if you are not in control.

That is why we recommend our clients to invest in a website that is their property and then use social media to drive traffic to their website where they will close sales and grow their business.

Measurable differences

In financial terms, media strangers earn significantly more income than social media followers. More than 40% of online revenue came from web searches, versus less than 1% from social media.

By far the majority of online revenue comes from web searches by strangers, and not from social media or referrals.

An organic search is when a stranger searches Google for keywords related to your services or products, but without specifically searching for your Company name. They will find you “organically”, without any reference.

Website vs Social Media which is best for you Business? 40



The good news is that you can do both. What I like to do is work the website as the main hub of online activity. Where I publish all my most important content. Then I like to reuse and use snippets of that content on social media.

Television shows are doing this with YouTube. They will post full episodes on their own sites and post snippets on YouTube and Facebook. Some people just want the snippets. They can create followers on social channels because the snippets of content are still great. But some will want the full content. They can easily go to the website for that.


In summary, the greatest benefit of a website is that it is the strong link that supports all the information of your company, while social media are responsible for reinforcing the dissemination of such information.

The key lies in the optimal balance that must be had between the two tools, since the correct conjugation of the same will be a notorious success factor that will contribute to the growth of companies’ market share.

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