Why does my business in Trinidad need a website? Top‌ ‌9 ‌Solid‌ ‌Reasons‌

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Business in Trinidad need a website more than ever to be able to adapt to the digital age that COVID has accelerated without equal, if you are wondering why you should consider it then you are in the right article. Below we are going to share 8 key points that will make you change your mind.

If your company has made it this far without a website, you may be wondering: do I need a website for my company? What’s the point if my company is already thriving without one?

The short answer is that there has never been a better or more critical time to invest in a business website. A website provides numerous advantages to small businesses, and the majority of these advantages grow in value exponentially year after year, much like the Internet itself.

Still not convinced? We’ve compiled a list of ten of the most significant advantages that a simple website can provide for your small business.

Why does my business in Trinidad need a website?


1. A website gives you a professional appearance

84 percent of today’s consumers believe that having a website makes your company more credible than having only social media profiles. Your website is also an excellent place to display any professional certifications or awards that your company has received.

Aside from that, having your own website allows you to create a branded email address (e.g. info@marcelodesignx.com), which adds a level of professionalism to all of your correspondence, especially if you’ve previously conducted business using a personal email address.

Why does my business in Trinidad need a website? Top‌ ‌9 ‌Solid‌ ‌Reasons‌ 36

2. Google can help your website attract new customers

You may be pleased with the current size of your company, but every business experiences customer turnover. To ensure long-term success, you must attract new customers, and one of the most effective ways to do so is to make yourself visible on Google.

A well-optimized website can help your company rank high for a wide range of search terms and attract a steady stream of new customers. So you should also consider hiring an SEO expert or agency.

Why does my business in Trinidad need a website? Top‌ ‌9 ‌Solid‌ ‌Reasons‌ 37

3. You will be able to clearly display your products and services

By displaying high-quality photography on your website, you can show potential customers what they will get when they work with you. Look at how the Trinidad distributor Twin Enterprises Limited has done it on their website:

You can also use your website design and featured images to give people a sense of what it’s like to visit your physical location. This works especially well if your brand is inextricably linked to the “feel” of your location.

You can also publish important information about your products and services on your website to ensure that you are attracting the right customers. For example, if you own a restaurant, you might want to mark any gluten-free items on your menu so that people with Celiac disease or other conditions that make gluten dangerous know they can eat there.

Why does my business in Trinidad need a website? Top‌ ‌9 ‌Solid‌ ‌Reasons‌ 38

4. You can prominently display your best reviews and testimonials on your website

Putting your best reviews and/or testimonials prominently on your website is an excellent way to build social proof. This could take the form of personal customer testimonials.

If your company has been featured in newspaper articles or popular local blogs, you can include those as well.

Publishing your best reviews on your website has the added benefit of creating a permanent archive. This means that even if third-party review sites go out of business in the future, you’ll still be able to access your best reviews.


5. A website can entice customers to get in touch with you

A website is an excellent place to provide potential customers with easy access to your contact information. You can even include your contact information in the header or footer so that it appears on every page.


6. You can integrate your website with Google Maps to make it easier for people to find you

A website allows you to incorporate maps directly into your content. Some companies, such as Shell, have a map directly on their contact us page:

An embedded map makes it simple for people who don’t live in your area to find your business. This is especially beneficial if you host events, as they may attract people who would not otherwise spend time in the neighborhood where your business is located.


7. Your website establishes your industry position

If your competitors are not yet online, they will most likely be soon. Create a high-quality website first to establish yourself as a leader in your field.

If your competitors are online, you have a unique opportunity: you can create a website that is completely different from your competitors’ sites, demonstrating to potential customers what makes your company unique.


8. A website ensures your long-term success

By 2020, nearly 4.54 billion people (59 percent of the global population) will be using the Internet, and the number is growing.

These people will not be able to find your company if you do not have a website. Unless you invest in a website, your business will become invisible to everyone as we move further into the digital era.

So, in order to compete in this increasingly digital world, your company must go online.



According to the LSA’s (Local Search Association) April 2017 report, “The Digital Consumer Study,” 63 percent of consumers primarily use a company’s website to find and engage with businesses. That is a sizable portion of the market. Combine that with the fact that 93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine—you do the math. Another compelling reason why your company requires a website? According to YellowPages and LSA research, consumers use three sources on average before making an individual purchase decision, and 30 percent eliminate a business from consideration if it does not have a website.

So, do I really need a website for my company? The final decision

Hopefully, you’ve realized by now that the question isn’t “do I need a website for my business,” but “can I afford not to have a website in the digital era?” And the answer, if you want to thrive in the long run, is no. A website is one of the most important investments a company can make in its future.

If you are ready to get started, you can contact us to develop a modern professional website for your business in Trinidad and Tobago or anywhere in the Caribbean.

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