Creating Your Own Website vs. Hiring Someone Else to Do It

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Millions of people now use the Internet to find the information they require. A well-designed website can provide a wealth of useful information to those who may require what you have to offer, such as hours of operation, phone numbers, email addresses, and reasons why they should choose your company over others. When planning or designing a business website, you generally have two options: build the website yourself or hire a professional Web designer or programmer to do the work. Consider the pros and cons of both approaches to building your company website before diving into a lengthy do-it-yourself project or paying a professional.

Creating Your Own Website vs. Hiring Someone Else to Do It 28

Design Skills Required

There are numerous desktop and online applications available that allow you to quickly create websites. Many Web hosting companies provide access to site builder applications that allow you to create basic websites in minutes. Similarly, desktop programs such as Dreamweaver, Net Objects Fusion, and others include templates that can be used to create a website with no HTML or Web programming experience.

However, many of these simple site or template solutions only produce basic sites that are better suited for personal websites rather than business websites. This is especially true if you intend to sell products on the Internet. While consumer-oriented tools can help you create an attractive, functional site, you’ll need some coding and programming experience to add advanced features like customer management solutions, a working shopping cart application, or login or membership management. If you require these features and do not feel comfortable implementing them yourself, you may benefit from hiring a professional Web developer.

It’s time to get the site up and running.

If you believe your business requires only a minimal Web presence and site with only a few pages, you can probably create your business website in a few hours using available Web design tools. However, if you sell products online or want to set up a customer management system, designing and implementing a website can be time-consuming. When selling products online, you should make sure that each product has an appealing description and that all relevant information is included. This means that for each product you intend to sell, you must create a new page or database entry. Similarly, if you intend to provide useful content on your site – and you should if you want to attract more visitors – writing and uploading articles for your site takes a significant amount of time. There’s no reason you can’t do the work yourself if you have enough time. However, if creating product pages or content for your website is interfering with your ability to run and grow your business, you should seriously consider outsourcing your website project.

Site Repairs and Upkeep

A successful website necessitates more than just a good design and a memorable name. Once your website is live, it will require ongoing maintenance and updating to ensure that potential customers return. Although modern development software tools make it relatively simple to create a website, these applications are ineffective if your site experiences problems. For busy websites, HTML or other code errors, broken links, and corrupted database files are always a concern. As a result, unless you or someone in your company is capable of quickly troubleshooting and resolving issues with your website, hiring a professional to design, monitor, and maintain your business website can save you and your site’s visitors a lot of trouble in the long run.

Concerning Money

In the end, whether you outsource your business website or do the work in-house will undoubtedly be influenced by cost. Professional website developers are not cheap, and they should not be. However, if you spend some time soliciting ideas and bids from developers, you should be able to find someone who is willing to work within your site’s budget. You will usually save a lot of money if you build the site yourself. However, before you undertake the task yourself or assign it to one of your employees, you should consider whether the time you spend on the project could be better spent managing and growing your business. The time you spend designing, creating, and implementing could cost you more in lost business revenue than you pay an outside contractor.

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