3 tips to Make my customers buy again on my eCommerce website

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3 tips to make my customers buy again on my Ecommerce website. Have you ever wondered this? Well here we have a couple of strategies to apply.

Managing an ecommerce is not easy and probably, if you have come this far you will understand what I am talking about.

And it is not just about installing and configuring all the technical aspects so that the website works correctly, but after all this you need traffic, that is, visits from users looking to buy those products online. If you manage to keep those users as recurring customers of your online store, you will save a lot of time, effort and money in continuing to grow.

That is what we are going to talk about in this article, how to retain the customers of your online store with WooCommerce and make them repeat purchases, since it really is the other important part in the entire process of creating an online business.

Why is it so important for a customer to repeat purchases in your online store?

You may have the best web design in your sector, the best products and the most competitive prices, but if your customers buy once and they don’t come back, it means that all this is not enough.

Of course, a customer buying from your online store benefits you directly because you generate income, but in addition to this obvious reason, there are two other main reasons why making it come back becomes essential.

  • Because once you have all the structure and design of your online store with WooCommerce finished, the step of getting the first customers is one of the most complex parts. As a result, making them come back will be the engine that will get your online business started. Remember that making those who have already bought on your website repeat purchases will mean less expense and effort than getting new customers.
  • Because you will become your reference website for the product you sell; when it comes to a purchase in a physical place it is easier to remember the place, but when the purchase is online the thing is complicated. Perhaps the user remembers your website exactly and goes directly, or perhaps they will perform a search on Google and other websites will appear in front of you that offer the same products and you will lose this user forever. So your mission is to remind him that you exist, make things easy for him and earn his trust.

3 mandatory steps to encourage a customer to buy again in your ecommerce

Now that we know the importance of having a client portfolio, the next step comes, getting it;).

The theory of all this is simple, but surely you will be asking yourself: How can I make my clients remember me again?

The main key is to take the step yourself and not wait for the client to return on their own because in many cases they will not, especially if your sector has great competition.

We are going to see three essential steps that you should apply to retain customers in your online store with WooCommerce. A priori they seem simple, but they need some time and dedication:

Add your clients to your mailing list

This first step is essential to get customers to buy more times in an online store. In principle we can think that the client will have the refusal to leave us their data because they think that we are going to saturate their email inbox with offers that do not interest them, and this is not true.

It is clear that 100% of your clients are not going to register, for whatever reason, but there will be many of them who will be interested in keeping in touch with your online business, mainly because if they reach your website it is because there is some of that content that interests them.

The most appropriate way to obtain customer data is by locating the registration option on the checkout or payment page. In this way, these customer data are collected and you will not have to enter them again.

A trick? Leave the box that authorizes registering in your database with the check marked by default.

If the client is not really interested, they will uncheck this option, but you have done everything possible to make it easier for them.

If you also offer something of value when you subscribe (such as a guide or free course of the services you offer), you will be more successful in the number of registered.

Here we return to the previous idea. How many users do you think would register on their own initiative? The secret is to give the practically done things to each client and have the initiative.

At the end of the day, it is not about being heavy, but that it is your company and your goal is to gain customers and generate income.

Correctly segment your customers

This second step is essential for your entire strategy of recurring customers in your online store to be successful. If you don’t segment different types of clients, the previous step won’t do you much good.

And what types of customer segmentation can be done? Well, it depends a lot on your business.

They are usually differentiated by first purchase, number of times you have purchased, frequency of purchase, regular customers, type or category of product you have purchased, location, sex, educational level, amount spent, interest on products …

Let’s take the example of a company that sells sports equipment online. One way to correctly segment customers could be, for example, a list for those interested in cycling, another for those interested in skiing, in children’s sports equipment, clients who have made more than three purchases, clients who live within the Peninsula , customers who spent a large amount of money… This would already depend on the interests of this business.

To start performing this segmentation, you must previously configure your email marketing service provider (MailChimp, Mailrelay, Active Campaign, Convert Kit, Acumbamail, Email Manager, Aweber, Mailpoet …).

And how to segment the clients of your website with WooCommerce?

Once you get to this point, you should fine-tune the profile of your customers. I propose these two ideas that you can use to make an adequate segmentation of your buyers:

  • In principle, the data of each client who registers will go directly to a single list, the one you have configured for it, but there are plugins that allow you to create fields and conditions at the time of registration so that clients are automatically segmented between the different lists that you have created. This is the case of WooChimp, which adds this option to your MailChimp lists and is also capable of recognizing whether a user has ever unsubscribed so as not to show him the subscription box again. They also perform this function WC-AC Hook (for Active Campaign) or Convert Kit for WooCommerce (for Convert Kit).
  • Another way to segment could be to use plugins to install “create wish lists” or save for later options. Users must register to access the creation of the lists with their preferred products and this is how you get their data segmented by interests.
  1. Create the best Email Marketing campaigns
    When you want to carry out this point, you will realize the true importance of the previous two steps. This part is where you can really incentivize your online customers to repeat purchases.

It is time to create segmented email campaigns for those customers who have already bought in your online store at least 1 time. The more segmentation you have achieved, the more effective and personalized your campaigns will be. Now you know your customers, their tastes and their behaviors.

To create an email delivery to your customers, offer them something of value, such as discount codes, news, shipping advantages, exclusive discounts for customers, create product packs with an offer only for them … Something that really represents value for the customer. client and that you, as a company, do not suppose a great expense.

I also recommend using time-limited campaigns to create a sense of urgency and scarcity. This technique has been shown to improve conversions!

You can also use these campaigns to create event marketing, such as offering something special for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day or even if you have their date of birth data, offer an exclusive birthday offer.

It is about getting ahead of them, offering them what may interest you the most at all times.

But be careful. Try not to saturate your list by sending only offers and wanting to sell them at all times. You can also try to send them information of interest and occasionally take advantage to sell a product.

With these segmentation techniques, the client perceives personality in the email, noting that there are individuals and professionals behind the online business to whom they can go.

In short, people like to feel special and that they remember them, so those who are already customers, offer them something that really interests them, offer them a win to win.

Do you know that up to 65% of customers could click on the email in a well-segmented list?

Believe me, such a rate is quite high and it will mean that many of them are interested in your products and may be willing to repeat the purchase on your website.

These 3 steps to get your store customers to repeat purchases with WooCommerce will help you not only to get more sales conversions, but also to know more and more your ideal customer, know what to offer them and how and when to offer them, something that will define your business model and will allow you to move forward with less effort.

Lastly, don’t forget to check the feedback! Without reviewing the results of your Email Marketing campaign or interpreting them improperly, all this effort will not have been of much use to you.

Exactly analyzing the groups of clients you have and finding the ideal target or client will be what marks your success in online sales.

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