Facebook advertising in the Caribbean and how this can help your business

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Facebook advertising in the Caribbean is not yet used by many companies because they do not yet know how beneficial it can be to advertise with Facebook or probably if they know about Facebook ads but do not know how to do it, here I will give you some tips.

The Internet offers us many powerful tools to publicize our business and the products or services we offer. While there are a variety of ways to reach new customers, online advertising, better known as online advertising, is undoubtedly a more effective way of doing this.

Previously we have told you about Google Adwords, one of the most popular online advertising platforms on the internet. Now it’s time to talk about Facebook Ads, the solution that this social network offers its users in order to make their businesses known to the people who use this platform every day.

Without a doubt, Facebook Ads can help your business by giving it recognition and even generating income by showing all the variety of products or services that you can offer to users of the most popular social network on the internet. All this is done passively, that is, without the need for keywords and that users carry out a specific search, and through a very simple platform, which makes it a good option if you are getting into advertising. online.

Below we will explain why Facebook Ads is one of the most widely used online advertising platforms and how they work.

Why is Facebook Ads one of the most popular online advertising solutions?

Facebook has established itself as the dominant social network on the internet, as it accumulates more than 2,800 million monthly users, who use the platform every day to distract themselves and interact with friends and family. Without a doubt, this is the main reason why you should consider Facebook Ads as one of your main platforms when using online advertising to publicize your business.

The number of users matters when advertising online, and without a doubt Facebook Ads, being directly linked to Facebook, becomes an important showcase for your entire product offering.

Along with the above, Facebook Ads also becomes a powerful online advertising tool due to the variety of platforms that we can access and on which we can place our ads.

It should be remembered that Facebook, in addition to its social network, has under its shelter Messenger and WhatsApp, the most important chat services on the internet, as well as Instagram, the most popular social photography platform on the network of networks. The various characteristics of these Facebook products become your allies when advertising on Facebook Ads. It’s like a Swiss Army knife of online advertising!

Best of all, you don’t need to create a special account to start using Facebook Ads. If you have a Facebook account, you can already start creating ads to publicize your offer of products or services to the millions of users of that network in your city, state or country.

When taking your business to the next level through online advertising, you may compare Google Adwords vs Facebook Ads to choose the option that will bring you better results. It is normal, since every person who owns a business wants to obtain the best results when making an investment, especially in the area of ​​marketing.

Therefore, if you have already decided and want to start advertising on Facebook Ads, it is important that you know how this service works, since there are a variety of ways to publicize your products and that users of the social network can buy them, or just interact with you and create engagement with your brand.

Some basic concepts before starting:

Before launching your Facebook Ads campaign, it is important that you learn some concepts, which are basic to know the performance of your campaigns.

  • Announcement: any publication that receives a quote to be shown to Facebook users on any of its platforms.
  • Ad set: An ad set brings together the ads you’ve created. In this way you can manage each of them more efficiently.
  • Budget: This is the amount of money you will spend on your Facebook Ads campaign. This will depend on the type of campaign you want to carry out. Later we will talk about it.
  • Reach: the number of users your ad has reached.
  • Impressions: the number of times your ad is viewed within Facebook.
  • Frequency: is the number of times that a single user has seen your ad on Facebook. It is calculated by dividing impressions / reach.
  • Result: as indicated, it is the number of results achieved through your Facebook Ads campaign. This varies according to the type of campaign you have chosen.
  • Cost Per Result: the term that Facebook Ads gives the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), that is, the cost for each desired action through our ad.
  • Facebook Business Manager: is the site where all the tools that will allow you to manage your Facebook page are concentrated. In this section is the Ads Manager, or ad manager.
  • Ads Manager: is the ad manager, where all the Facebook Ads tools reside for you to use in your business.

Since you know the basics, now we will talk about the basis of all Facebook Ads campaigns: the public.

Public, the mainstay of every Facebook Ads campaign

First thing’s first. If you are about to start your Facebook Ads campaign, the first step you must do is create a target audience, which will be all those users who meet the characteristics you have defined.

And what can those characteristics be? Well, from something as simple as age, gender, and its location; in the location part you can even cover from specific areas of a locality, for example, people who are close to your business within a certain radius of kilometers, to entire states or countries. You can choose several regions if you wish.

Best of all, Facebook Ads, like other online advertising platforms, also allows you to delve into other characteristics of the target audience, such as marital status, pages that you have liked, interests, job, degree of studies, among many other variables that are at your complete disposal.

In fact, you can even generate audiences using people who have had engagement with your page as a base; If you are a developer they can even make your users the target audience of your Facebook Ads campaigns.

In addition, through the audiences section you can upload your customer list so that Facebook Ads can generate a specific audience with that data and send them ads specifically for them.

Thanks to its powerful algorithm, we can even create similar audiences, the famous “lookalike”: this type of audience uses some data source as a base, such as our list of clients or users who have interacted with our Facebook page, to locate new people who may be interested in what we offer.

The time has come to get a little technical, and when creating a lookalike it is vital that you take into account the percentages: the percentages of lookalike range from 1% to 10%.

It is important that you take into account the percentage because the higher the number, the more open your sample will be.

To understand the above, we will use an example: A cosmetics company wants to launch a campaign for its new eyeshadow palette. Although it has loyal customers, the firm wants to reach new customers that are very similar to its regular buyers, so, after having uploaded its list to the audience section on Facebook Ads, it now wants to create a similar audience.

If the company wants to reach an audience that is very similar to its customer list, it is recommended to use a lookalike percentage of between 1% and 3%, since this will reach users who meet almost all the characteristics of their previous buyers. .

By choosing this option, the reach and impressions of the ads can be reduced. However, this can be positive for your budget, since a lower Cost Per Result can be achieved.

On the other hand, if you decide to reach as many users as possible, respecting the similarity with your customer list, it is possible to increase the lookalike by between 5% and 8%, since in this way the firm will reach a public that meets some characteristics of your client list.

This allows reaching a greater number of users, which materializes in a greater reach and impressions. However, it is possible that your budget is spent faster, reaching more people who may not be very interested in your product, causing the Cost Per Result to increase.

The best way to manage your target audiences is through the Audiences section of Facebook Business Manager.

You already know the basics of Audiences for Facebook Ads. Now, the next thing is that you learn the types of campaigns that you can through this online advertising platform.

Types of campaigns in Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads offers us various ways to reach the public goals that we have defined. The platform allows you to create from simple campaigns to publicize your brand, to encourage customers to go to your physical store.

That is why below we will explain what the types of Facebook Ads campaigns are, and when it is recommended to use them for your business and products or services.

First of all, it remains to comment that Facebook ads can contain images, text and even videos; Even Facebook Ads recommends some ads that combine those three formats.

In fact, Facebook Ads places a lot of emphasis on video ads, so we recommend using that format as the main one when creating your ads.


As its name mentions, Facebook Ads recognition campaigns allow Facebook users to know your business and the products or services you can offer them. There are two kinds:

  • Brand recognition: Get users to get closer to your brand with this type of campaign. Take it into account when you want to publicize the benefits that your business has to offer.
  • Reach: reach as many users as possible.

One of the main advantages of this type of campaign is its cost, since it is usually much more accessible than other types of campaign within Facebook Ads, since its purpose is to make users see your ad and become familiar with your brand, without doing any specific action.


The campaigns of consideration have the purpose that the user may be interested in your product or service by carrying out a specific action. The goal is for the user to think about your business and seek more information about it.

Facebook Ads consideration campaigns can be from:

  • Traffic: invite users to visit your website that you have chosen. Ideal if you want to publicize a product or if you want Facebook users to know your website and navigate within it.
  • Engagement. If your goal is to increase the number of interactions in a Facebook post, this type of Facebook Ads campaign is the right one. We recommend it if your intention is that users comment or react to certain publications on your fanpage.
  • Application installation: if you are a developer this option is ideal for you, since the goal is for Facebook users to install your application on their device.
  • Lead generation: this option allows you to capture potential customers, that is, leads, so that they fill out a form, for example, to learn more about a real estate development. We recommend that you work on this type of campaign together with a CRM, a tool that we have talked about previously, in order to better manage the leads that are registered through your ad.
  • Messages: connect with your clients through Messenger. This type of campaign allows you to generate conversations with users.


Facebook Ads conversion campaigns are focused on users taking some action directly on your website or in real life. In total there are 3 types of Conversion campaigns that we can do within this platform.

  • Conversions: With this type of campaign, you encourage Facebook users to carry out some action within your website. These actions can be filling out a form, adding a product to the shopping cart of your online store or purchasing a product.
  • Catalog selling: use this type of campaign to show the great variety of products and services that your brand has to offer to Facebook users. Create a set of all your products with Facebook Ads tools, then redirect users to a destination website and finally make a purchase.
  • In-store traffic: This tool seeks that your potential customers come to your physical store. To do this, use the various localization algorithms of the Facebook application. In this way, you will be charged each time a customer who has interacted with your ad, and as a result, came to your business to learn about your product offering.

It is very important that you know that for the conversion campaigns to record the results it is necessary to install the Facebook Pixel, which is a code that is incorporated into your website. You can configure the Facebook Pixel directly from the Business Manager.

Budget on Facebook Ads

Managing the budget for your Facebook Ads campaigns is really simple, flexible and automatic. Really, you are in control of everything.

The budget for each of your Facebook Ads campaigns can be configured in two ways: at the campaign level, where all the ad sets will take part of the budget automatically; or equal per set of ads, where you will enter the maximum amount of money each will spend.

Automatically, Facebook Ads manages the consumption of the budget according to the duration of the campaign and, especially, according to the objective of each of the campaigns.

The scheduling of campaigns can be quite simple, since it is enough to choose the start date and time, as well as when it will end, so that Facebook Ads manages the money that you are allocating to the campaign automatically.

Of course, you still have manual controls to establish a Cost per Objective Result, although we only recommend this option if you have managed to obtain an average CPR.

Recognition campaigns are the cheapest, this because the objective is to achieve impressions, which is quite simple, resulting in a Cost.

Some recommendations when starting on Facebook Ads

  • If this is your first time advertising your business on Facebook Ads, we definitely recommend starting with a Recognition campaign, as this allows you to reach a large number of users within Facebook with a small investment.
  • Without a doubt, your ally is data. Use the reports section to know in detail the public your ads are reaching; In this way you will be able to know if your campaign is reaching your target audience or if it is reaching audiences you did not know. The data will always be your allies.
  • When publishing graphic content, always follow the guidelines of Facebook Ads, so you will prevent the platform from rejecting your ads, and therefore, do more work.
  • If you are going to use videos, we recommend that they have a maximum duration of 15 seconds. In this way, Facebook Ads can place your videos in more places on its platforms, which translates into a greater reach.

As you can see, Facebook Ads offers you various options when it comes to publicizing your business on the main social network on the internet. You already know the basics, but if you want to learn more there are a large number of online courses in which you can learn. In fact, in Aloha we have told you about 12 courses that you can take to learn about this and more tools.

Now yes, let’s get to work. Remember that it is all a matter of trial and error, success in your campaigns!

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