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Do you want to learn more about Digital Marketing Trend for this 2021? Then this is the right article… Here are some digital marketing tips for 2021, so that you can innovate and stand out from the competition:

Digital Marketing Strategies for 2021:

Digital Marketing Trend

1.- Social networks to interact and retain:

The pandemic has dramatically increased the amount of time people spend online, creating new opportunities for your brand to reach a new audience and interact with your older customers. Develop strategies to attract customers through content that is of interest to them.

For example, that a company in the fitness industry publishes healthy recipes is a good marketing strategy; because through these publications you will attract people interested in the products offered by your industry. In addition, the results obtained are organic and long-lasting.

This 2021 will be a year full of digital ads, and the reason for this is that electronic commerce has grown. But every day users are more reluctant to click on ads; One of the reasons for this is that they are bombarded by dozens of advertisements on a daily basis. Be careful, I’m not saying that the ads don’t work, because with enough creativity and segmentation good results can be achieved; but content definitely achieves better impact and gives more authority to brands.

If you’ve been putting off taking advantage of social media, now is the time. !

2.- Enhanced retention through segmentation

By collecting data and segmenting your customers, you have the opportunity to save costs in your marketing strategy.

We show you 4 advantages that are achieved by segmenting your market within your own target audience:

  • a.– Get new market niches:
  • Studying the information of potential customers allows you to make a much more realistic comparison of them with the information of the Sector.
  • b.- Reduce costs:
  • Running this study of your market offers a more reliable model for your brand to create a marketing strategy that faces fewer problems.
  • c.– Optimize time:
  • d.– Strengthen the commitment of your clients:
  • The more you know your potential customers, the more empathetic your communication will be with them.

3.- Forecasts of SEO trends:

Google, the largest search engine in the world, does not stop innovating and improving its algorithm to make it less and less artificial. Offering users the content they are looking for, without distractions and in the most original and fast way possible has always been their main objective.

The user experience in mobile becomes essential. Any website must be designed with all the information accessible from mobile devices.

Local SEO will also grow in 2021, the pandemic has changed our way of life and has also changed our internet browsing habits.

4.- Interactive content

Adding interactive elements to your website or social media is a great way to bring value to visitors, get them engaged with your brand.

Let’s say you are a real estate consultant and you add a mortgage calculator to your website. Offer value to your visitors while learning more about them based on the data they enter into your calculator.

Other examples of interactive marketing include evaluations, quizzes, games, surveys, contests. Contests are a way to exponentially increase your reach and visibility.

5.- Instant messaging

This year there was an increase in the adoption of tools such as instant messaging, real-time conversations, self-service and artificial intelligence. A very efficient way to satisfy the demand for support teams, working remotely.

Messages and conversations in real time were resources adopted by the most agile companies to open or expand channels of dialogue with consumers during the pandemic.

The use of messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, grew 216% between February and August of this year. A logical trend that not only reflects consumer behavior in the digital age, but also signals a long-term change, beyond the needs caused by the pandemic.

6.- Personalized Ads

Advertising made to measure or personalized, refers to the ability to display a particular ad for each target audience that brands or companies have.

Since customers perceive personalization as attractive and relevant. An example of ad personalization that you will see is incrementing videos one by one.

These are personalized messages in life, sent by brands and businesses to their customers instead of using cold calls and emails that have been used for years.

Advertising tailored to the user’s tastes is the one that works best.

Which of the marketing strategies do I need for my company?
There is no common solution for all, the trends in Digital Marketing for 2021 depend on many factors that we must take into account.

We leave you some recommendations:

Kind of product:

The product we sell is the basis of our business. More detailed knowledge of the target audience we are targeting, we value the marketing strategy that we must apply. It is necessary to reflect on the time to spend in each of them and on the model of advertising that will be more effective.

With all the tests oriented to the sale, with a professional study of the brand everything will be more successful.

Information class:

Multimedia content is the key for the user to stay longer on our website. Tik Tok, the famous short video application, has saved many people from boredom during confinement and is now a hit, but is it worth it as a marketing resource in relation to your product?

With this example we want to make you see that not because something is a trend to you will help you.


Not all products have the same margin in different places.

If what you sell is destined for a specific place, you must assess which of the trends in Digital Marketing is the one that best suits your needs?

Although the Internet is the best way to globalize any content, there are some products that only work for certain areas.

If what we sell is successful in CDMX, even when the presentation is nationwide, we must focus on who lives there.

What are the characteristics of consumers and what are they looking for from us?

Limited edition:

Not all the articles that you have in your ecommerce will stay in the catalog forever.

The limited edition or launch promotion is an alternative that companies offer when they are not very convinced if this new change in the attributes of the product is going to work.

The consumer, who is the one who has the last word, will have a few days to try it and give his approval on it.

Meeting the trends in Digital Marketing for 2021 is nothing more than investing in the future benefit of our company.

Choosing the form of advertising that best suits us for our product is an art to which we must dedicate time, dedication and a lot of effort so that everything goes well.

If Local SEO was becoming very relevant, now more, especially in geographic searches.

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