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In the business world it is necessary to always be aware of the news that technological development brings, since in addition to the various marketing strategies you use to attract customers and stand out from the competition, there are tools that will allow you to take a step towards ahead to win the preference of consumers.

Google is the most consulted search engine in the world, and its statistics indicate that it performs 5 billion searches daily, of which a third of them have local intentions, that is, almost 1.7 billion searches per day.

This means that more and more users are turning to Google to locate a restaurant or accommodation near their location. This figure demonstrates the importance of georeferencing. Clearly it is an aspect that as an entrepreneur or businessman you must know and take advantage of.

It should be noted that today a person is much more likely to ask Google for a location in their own city, than to ask a friend or relative of flesh and bones for an address of a specific place. If you want to get the most out of this powerful tool, pay attention to this post.

What is Google My Business?

The importance of searching for local businesses through the internet has led to the emergence of the Google My Business tool, a free service that allows you to make local businesses visible in the most used search engine in all cyberspace.

By creating and updating an account in Google My Business it is possible to make your local business attract new customers for free, showing your business profile, which will appear highlighted when a user searches for a business related to your sector of commerce or services and your geo-referential location.

Google My Business not only makes it easier for potential customers to get to know you, but it also optimizes the possibilities of increasing your sales conversions through the geolocation of the powerful Google Maps tool.

What is Google My Business for?

As we have already told you, Google My Bussiness is the free solution to increase your presence on the web, positioning your brand and location in Google, thus guaranteeing that you can be located more easily and therefore increasing the conversion of customers locally.

It is important to note that traditionally the use of the various tools offered by the internet to enhance commercial activities have been focused on promoting the penetration of a globalized market. In other words, giving small entrepreneurs the opportunity to be known internationally, thus selling their products or services thousands of miles away.

However, Google My Business knows the potential that the local market has and gives local stores and businesses in any corner of the planet the possibility to reach potential consumers who share the same location and convert those transactions quickly, already that facilitates its location and streamlines the process.

How does Google My Business work?

To give you an easy idea of ​​how Google My Business works, it can be compared with other services of this type such as Yelp or Foursquare, however, the tool designed by the giant Google has optimized the possibilities to ensure a better experience and results to its users. users.

It works as a tool to facilitate the work of both the buyer and the seller, since in the case of the local merchant it will be much easier to make themselves known to their customers. While, for consumers, the benefit translates into being able to obtain satisfactory answers to their queries, finding the best options locally quickly

Google My Bussiness thinks about meeting all the needs of the local market, that is why it has developed a function that facilitates the development of the website that your company needs, doing it in a practical and simple way, with the positioning benefits that its geolocation system provides .

If you ask yourself, Why should my business be on Google My Business? The answer can be found in the multiple benefits that you will obtain in terms of SEO positioning and geolocation. But, in addition, the perception of trust that represents for many users to see your business positioned in their preferred web engine is added, in some way the prestige of Google will favor your brand no matter how anonymous or small it is.

Even before having physical contact with customers, you will be able to connect directly with them, showing photos of your business, share opinions and interact to get closer to them and gain their trust to convert sales.

Perhaps for many the most important reason why your business should be in Google My Business is the possibility of accessing personalized statistics, which will allow you to analyze the behavior of your publications, in order to maintain a constant process of review and boost your business.

Benefits of using Google My Business

  • Below, we highlight 5 of the most important benefits of using this tool:
  • One of the most important benefits of creating a Google My Business account is that it will not represent an expense, since it is free and you can also enter as much geographical location data as you want.
  • Google My Bussiness provides you with very important analytical data. Its platform allows you to check how many times they have searched for you, how many users have requested your location on the map, review views and in general a series of very useful information to measure and improve results.
  • It includes the Google Post tool, which allows you to make quick notifications that you can use to show news regarding services, promotions, launches, among others.
  • Google My Bussiness has the advantage of publishing comments and ratings, which serve to further strengthen potential customers or buyers, serving to enhance local SEO.
  • You will have a significant advantage over the competition when using Google My Bussiness, since especially if your competitors do not have an account, you will be above them in terms of search results.
  • It greatly favors those businesses that have a fixed geographical location.
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