Mobile App Design Trends in 2022

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Historically, the primary impediment for the majority of businesses has been a lack of effective and efficient internet options that enabled them to conduct business and market their products and services across all platforms. Today, the only way for these businesses to stay current is to go mobile, owing to the explosive growth of the mobile market.

Since 2019, revenue generated by mobile applications has increased by nearly 50%, reaching $808.7 billion. According to statistics, the mobile market’s potential is expanding rapidly and is expected to continue to expand over time. This means that scaling a business requires a mobile strategy.

This article discusses the importance of mobile app design and some of the top mobile app design trends for 2022.

What Exactly Is Mobile Application Design?

Typically, mobile app design is focused on two aspects of a mobile application:

User Interface (UI): The user interface of a mobile application is concerned with the appearance and style of the application. When designing a mobile application, you should strive to create an interface that is both pleasing to the eye and convenient for users.

User Experience (UX): As the name implies, User Experience is concerned with the way a mobile application interacts with its users. When designing a mobile application, you should always consider the app user’s clarity, task efficiency, and ease of use.

Why Do You Need an Outstanding Mobile Application Design?

To begin, your mobile app design choice has the potential to make or break your app – do not underestimate the importance of an excellent mobile app design. An excellent mobile application should have an excellent user interface and user experience in order to stand out in a sea of applications.

Seeing as until 2020, iOS was home to over 1.85 Million apps, and Android hosts more than 2.56 Million apps, with the Android Play Store recording an addition of 6140 apps every day and Apple Store overseeing an increase of 965 mobile apps daily, you can imagine how difficult it would be for a new mobile app to peak users’ interest.

When a large number of applications are introduced into an already crowded market, your application is easily lost in the crowd. This implies that your application must be distinctive. People will only keep an app if they adore it or use it frequently; otherwise, they will delete it or leave a negative review, which will negatively impact your mobile app’s success.

A well-designed mobile application is critical to the development process – this is why technology giants like Apple devote up to 60% of their project time to design. Your app should be intuitive to use, visually appealing, and functional to ensure that it is retained and trusted by the end user.

What Are the Design Trends for Mobile Apps in 2022?

Geometry Abstract

Minimalism was once thought to be an excellent strategy for piqueing user interest. However, with an endless list of design ideas to incorporate into the development of a mobile app, it’s all too easy to sacrifice minimalism in order to provide users with everything they need.

Even as the minimalist trend continues to refine its simplicity, it’s critical to consider the elements that will best showcase your app. In 2022, developing applications with flat designs and simple geometric shapes is out of the question.

Key visuals are a critical component of mobile app design because they contribute to the development of the app’s brand identity. A well-designed key visual can result in an instantaneous increase in downloads of over 1000. By incorporating abstract geometry as a primary visual, you can create an app that is both unique and brand-worthy.


Enhancing illustrations or icons with animation can add a lot of value to a mobile application and provide feedback on user actions. Nonetheless, it’s critical to exercise caution when it comes to excessive animated graphics.
When used strategically, animations can significantly improve the user experience in a number of ways, including the following:

  • Creating the desired state of mind
  • Invoking a particular emotion
  • Notifying the user that a specific action has been completed
  • Attract the user’s attention to a particular section of the screen

Graphics in three dimensions

Three-dimensional design has become increasingly important in recent years, permeating every aspect of a brand’s design language and identity. Indeed, it appears as though 3D is on the verge of displacing the flat, traditional design trends that have dominated the last decade. 3D graphics continue to grow in popularity among application developers because they enable the creation of stunning animations and effects.

Users are more receptive to an app with a rich design and 3D animations that aid in navigation comprehension. Not to mention that rendering 3D graphics on modern devices is significantly easier. Businesses should maintain compatibility with older devices while utilizing this technology to improve the user experience.

Mode Noir

The dark mode is a design trend in mobile apps that enables users to perceive content at lower brightness levels while also lowering the device’s energy consumption. By utilizing favorable contrasting colors, content such as icons and text would still stand out nicely. Although dark mode is typically used to alleviate potential eye strain, most users appear to appreciate the sense of sophistication it imparts to mobile apps.


Asymmetry is a design principle that dates all the way back to the Roman era. It balances the app’s layout, making it more vibrant and visually appealing. Asymmetrical designs make use of new formulas to deviate from the rigid lines associated with traditional applications.

When developing a mobile application, you should incorporate a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and fonts to ensure that your app stands out from the crowd. This trend is likely to gain popularity in the coming years, which means that every developer and company should become acquainted with it.

Today, Try These Mobile App Design Trends

Mobile application design is all about balancing functionality and aesthetics. If you work diligently and to the best of your ability on these two elements, you should end up with a brilliantly designed, one-of-a-kind app. When it comes to mobile app design, you should always strive for a great user interface and user experience.

Still, it’s unrealistic to expect to wind up with a perfectly designed app on the first trial. Bear in mind that, as with any other process, you will improve at mobile app design with practice. Additionally, user feedback enables you to learn from your mistakes, improve your craft, conduct additional testing, and ultimately perfect the user experience.

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