5 Signs that your website is outdated

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Your website is outdated? On the Internet being “on time” is no longer enough. The advancement of technologies, design trends and the digital market require you to always be one step ahead. At these speeds a little oversight is enough and you will notice that your website is outdated!

To be successful, it is important to make sure that your website is in sync with the latest web design technologies and best practices on the internet. On the contrary, not having the necessary flexibility to adapt to changes and new trends can make your business lag behind in the internet career and miss multiple opportunities.

When your website is outdated?

Below we share some features or indicators that will help you determine if your website is outdated.

When your site doesn’t look good on mobile devices

We call this responsive or “mobile friendly” design. It is the ability of a website to adapt to virtually any screen and look good.

A digital survey developed by Kentico shows that 85% of users use their mobile devices to compare prices and companies, before making a purchase decision. It also shows that 44% will never return to a site that is not “friendly” to their mobile device or looks bad.

In 2016, for the first time in history, the use of the mobile device surpassed that of the PC. This reveals the importance of your website being able to respond to these trends. If your website is outdated and does not fit smartphones and tablets, you may lose 44% of your potential customers!

When there is no presence on social networks

If your website does not have links to your social profiles or clear means of sharing content on networks, your website is neglecting a key area for your business. Facebook, Twiter, Youtube and Linkedin are some of the most active social channels. Millions of people connect daily and carry out commercial transactions thanks to these networks.

It is not enough just to have a social profile and a link on the site pointing to it. It is necessary to be active in networks, develop strategies and participate in communities, in order to obtain the benefits that they can offer.

When the content of your website is poor

Currently it is not enough just to upload content to the website, it must be of good quality. The times where keywords were a good way to be found on Google are behind us.

Today Google not only searches for sites with quality content, but it penalizes those who do not have it or who carry out inappropriate practices. Like the copy of news and articles. Lack of quality content is an indicator that your website is outdated.

On the contrary, the development of 100% original and quality content will help you in the positioning of your website, will make more people find you and will generate more value for your potential clients.

When your site is slow

Maybe losing a second in life is not so dramatic, but losing a second on the internet could be. According to KISSmetrics, 47% of users expect a website to load in 2 seconds and 40% will abandon it if it takes more than three.

If your site is eCommerce this can get even worse since 1 second delay represents a 7% reduction in your sales.

A slow loading speed is an indicator that your website is outdate and that you need to make some adjustments to the software and hardware structure to optimize it.

When your site has a low page ranking.

Page ranking is what Google uses to measure the importance of a website. Each page of the site is rated separately from 1 to 10. This generates a global rating that affects search engine positioning.

Some aspects that affect a page’s ranking are quality content, originality (not duplication) and links in the content to relevant sites. SEO optimization is essential to improve page ranking.

Your website is out of date. What to do?

In the scenario that your website is outdated we can design a modern and professional website. So don’t waste any more time and get your website today and rank your business higher than your competitors.

Get your modern and professional website today!

If you are interested in obtaining a professional and modern website, you can check the available packages.


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