How to convert visitors into loyal customers?


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How to convert visitors into loyal customers? Many online stores invest great efforts to attract visitors. Through SEO, online advertising, content marketing or social media. But many times they are only specific actions, they do not always know how to build and collect long-term results.

Traffic is the fundamental foundation that makes it possible for businesses to increase their online sales. However, more and more companies realize that traffic is not equal to sales and that an even greater effort must be made to improve the conversion rate, increase the purchase ticket or generate loyalty in their customers.

convert visitors into  loyal customers

What to do to convert visitors into loyal customers?

What to do so that your visitors become repeat customers over and over again? How to create a sales funnel that makes your business self-sustainable?

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Why your visits are just visits; learn how to retain your potential customers
Have you stopped to think how many users who come to your store and make a purchase, visit it again after a while? If you’ve ever been to an event and talked to a lot of people, chances are they’ll each go their own way afterwards and never have a second contact again… unless you’ve exchanged a form of contact.

That is neither more nor less the number one problem for which many online stores do not manage to retain their customers, nor do they easily convert customers into visits.

Yes, those users may be potential customers; Maybe your ideal customer profile (your Buyer person) is in that set of traffic that comes to you every day. But, how many of them are you going to see on your page again? What percentage of recurring users do you have right now?

To achieve that your visitors become loyal customers, it is essential to take advantage of the different traffic attraction channels so that users meet a specific objective. Not only visit the website, but buy one product or more and leave your contact details; maintain a long-term relationship.

Keys to convert visits into loyal customers

Let’s see some tips that you should put into practice if you want to convert visits into clients.

Create a good first impression with your online store, blog or social network

The first impression is the most important aspect in getting your interaction beyond a quick flip. And with this we are not only referring to the quality and speed of your online store, but to all the communication channels of the brand.

Your social networks, your blog, even your response to emails is important. The first impression you make will be essential to achieve that first visit, you will become a leader, a user that you have captured and who still has the possibility of becoming a client through your social networks, your email list or your blog.

You get to leave your contact details (an email, for example)

Getting traffic is never enough; You have to convert your visits into leads first so that they can later be converted into buyers.

Although we have users who are already very clear that they are going to buy (that is, they have been in the closing phase), they should be clear that the vast majority are still thinking and thinking about whether or not to buy that product, buy it, where etc .

It is those clients who are in the investigation and exploration phases who are most interested in attracting your subscriber list and leaving your contact details. The valuable content that you provide will be essential to accompany you in that process until the moment you decide to make a purchase.

Therefore, it is important that you carry out actions so that your potential clients leave your contact details in exchange for a leading magnet in which you offer valuable content. For example, a basic guide with information on what to consider before buying your product, or a small incentive or incentive to become a customer, such as a discount coupon for the first purchase.

Take advantage of your subscriber list

Once captured by your customers, they may bring valuable content to your customers to accompany them throughout the entire process, and not just until they make their first purchase, but also during and afterward.

That means excellent customer support across all your channels, on-time transportation service, and low or free shipping.

Once the purchase is made, it is the best time to check the degree of customer satisfaction, for example asking them to leave a comment about the product in your store, or to recommend the product on social networks or a friend.

Making your client an ambassador for your brand will be your second priority; once the purchase is made, maintain interaction with your business. In short, take advantage of your satisfaction with the service provided as a mechanism to attract new customers.

If you want to convert those customers into loyal customers, once the leader is recruited you must provide them with segmented and well-focused information to get you to make new purchases: give the same product to a friend, buy related or complementary products, buy spare parts, etc., all naturally and moderately, without using aggressive sales techniques.

Your list of subscribers and the value you bring to your customers, as well as the shopping experience you enjoy and the variety of products you have, allow you to convert your visits and potential customers into loyal customers.

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