What is a Landing Page? How to Get Traffic & Sales

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What is a landing page? A landing page is a webpage whose sole purpose is to prompt people to complete a registration form and sign up for something.

It is a destination page meant for a specific audience and designed to serve a specific purpose.

Thinking in terms of a single page with a single goal in mind is advisable.

What is a landing page

An appealing call-to-action should be present on this page so your audience is not left wondering what to do next. 

A landing page’s laser-like focus spurs a chain of subsequent clicks that leads to more conversions: 

  • a greater conversion rate 
  • improved involvement 
  • higher quality will ensure 
  • reallocate your efforts to crafting better messaging 
  • They prevent all distractions that don’t lead to your conversion goal. 

Do these pages have any function if you have a homepage? Very much so.

If you already have a great website, do you need to use these tools? Yep!

Even if you have low traffic, should you use these pages? Certainly!

Know that there are two landing pages types: one used for acquisition, and the other for lead generation.

The most common landing pages that businesses create include product or service information, user enquiries, and introductory marketing pages.

Type of landing pages

1. Lead Generation Landing Page

This page is dedicated to helping you find clients for your business.

The following paragraphs describe how two different lead generation landing pages are used to generate leads for different buyer personas.

In the research stage of the buying process, it is best to provide downloadable content with educational value on your landing page.

This downloadable content for our clients works great, and includes eBooks, checklists, and webinars.

A lead generation landing page for someone in the research phase, illustrating a unique way to advertise their services:

adding involvement in a transaction results in mutual gain for the customer and you: they get answers to their questions, and you get name recognition, contact information, and repeat business.

In general, it takes the form of an email.

Your landing page should be direct if your audience is in the buying process’s purchasing phase.

To solve the problem, your company should identify the issue, be recognized as the solution, and then ask for the necessary information.

Both you and the customer get an opportunity to help them by providing a solution, while you earn a new customer.

To demonstrate the lead generation landing page for someone in the purchasing process, here is an example.


This is popular among e-commerce, web-based learning, and SaaS businesses, as they abandoned attempts to convert a prospect into a buyer and use call-to-action buttons to take the prospect directly to the checkout process.

Landing pages that convert more have some characteristics in common.

We know two types of landing pages, so let’s focus on characteristics shared by the most effective landing pages:

Navigational menus are removed.

As mentioned previously, high converting landing pages focus on one goal, your call-to-action.

To help aid in this goal, remove the navigation from your landing page to help visitors stay focused and avoid clicking elsewhere.

The call-to-action buttons are displayed above the fold.

Above the fold is the uppermost portion of a web page and can be viewed directly without scrolling. These CTA’s can also be placed at the bottom of the page.

Why is that?

There are people who will land on your landing page and be ready to move forward with your CTA. You’re going to give them that option.

The same is true for those who need more detail, and will scroll down to the bottom of your page.

Place the CTA at the bottom of the page so that those who make it happen will be able to take action.

The text of the call-to-action button reflects what will happen next or the end result of the action.

Think of your CTA button as a GPS button.

Most people don’t travel along the road unless they’re taken to a destination they know about.

Use your CTA button to clearly state what’s going to happen when you click it. Common text of the CTA button includes:

  • Sign up
  • Join now
  • Schedule a Call

…others who have more guidance than a simple “Click Here”


You’ve got it there! A clear understanding of what the landing page is, the types of pages you can use, and the characteristics of a high conversion landing page.

Having one for your company will certainly help improve your sales, visibility and conversion, particularly if you follow the tips and tricks that we’ve shared.

But if you need help designing a landing page that will surely give you the results you wanted, we’ve got you covered! In addition, we offer a variety of marketing solutions that you can use to grow your business.

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