10 reasons why content marketing is important. Understand the Importance of Content Marketing in Your Company

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Why Is Content Marketing So Important For Your Company?

Do you know what the phrase “content is king” means?

Content marketing used to be a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors, but it has now evolved into a requirement for any modern brand.

The most successful digital marketing campaigns have content marketing at their core.

Every great brand has a wealth of useful and relevant content that resonates with its target audience.

However, you might still be wondering why content marketing is so important.

To help you better understand the value of content marketing for your small business, we’ve compiled a list of the top benefits it can provide:

Content Marketing Is Important For 10 Reasons

10 reasons why content marketing is important. Understand the Importance of Content Marketing in Your Company 31

1. Improve your brand’s reputation by using content marketing to build trust.

The reputation-building qualities of great content are one of the greatest benefits that really shows the importance of content marketing.

It’s critical for businesses to work to build trust with their leads and customers in today’s busy digital marketplace.

Building trust can aid in the development of a positive brand image for your company.

Creating custom content is an excellent way to learn more about your leads and customers while also fostering goodwill.

Great content can aid in the development of trust among your leads and customers.

When customers read your content, they begin to form opinions about your company.

If the content they find is interesting, educational, and useful, they will begin to think the same way about your company.

The more value you can provide with your content, the easier it will be to earn your target audience’s trust.

Furthermore, when your prospects and customers notice that you consistently publish content across platforms…

…they may come to regard you as an industry leader.

You can also help your target market build trust by publishing content in third-party publications or sharing your content with influencers.

10 reasons why content marketing is important. Understand the Importance of Content Marketing in Your Company 32

2. Conversions are influenced by great content.

Look no further than the conversion statistics to understand why content marketing is so important.

Here are a few statistics that demonstrate the value of content marketing in terms of increasing website conversions:

  • Conversion rates for content marketing are approximately 6 times higher than for other digital marketing methods. (Source: ABG Essentials)
  • 61 percent of online shoppers in the United States made a purchase after reading blog recommendations. The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) is a non-profit organization that promotes content
  • According to 74 percent of companies polled, content marketing has increased the quantity and quality of marketing leads. Curata (Curata)
  • According to 72 percent of businesses surveyed, video content can help provide a great ROI and significantly increase conversions. CrazyEgg (CrazyEgg)
  • Because of their content marketing efforts, inbound marketers have been able to double the average site conversion rate (from 6 to 12 percent). (Source: HubSpot)

Content marketing of high quality can significantly improve your website conversion rates.

Because it allows you to connect with and educate your leads and customers, content marketing aids conversions.

You are not only attempting to establish trust and relationships, but you are also encouraging conversions.

By providing customers with the information they require to make an informed purchase decision.

Make sure to include a clear call-to-action in your content to increase conversions.

Your CTA instructs the reader on what to do next, directing them to the conversion process’ next step.

Whether or not converting entails…

Buying something, getting more information, or getting in touch with your sales team,…

It’s critical to make it clear to the reader what you want them to do next within the content.

SEO and content marketing

3. Optimized content aids in the optimization of your SEO efforts.

When we consider how content marketing aids in the development and improvement of search engine optimization, the importance of content marketing becomes clear (SEO).

When it comes to increasing your company’s online visibility, SEO is crucial.

If you want to improve your SEO, however, you must create optimized content.

The most effective SEO technique, according to Tech Client, is content creation.

In fact, business sites that consistently publish blog content have 434 percent more pages indexed by search engines than those that do not.

The more content you have on your site, the more pages the search engine must index and display to users in their search results.

Though having more pages does not always imply more traffic, it does allow your brand to rank for more keywords.

For example, writing blogs on a variety of relevant topics increases your chances of ranking for the keywords they’re looking for.

Not to mention, the more content you have on your website, the more reasons visitors have to stay.

This translates to more time spent on-site, which can help your search engine optimization.

Time spent on site is one indicator that your site has valuable content, according to Google.

Do you want to provide your website visitors with useful content on a regular basis? You really should!

Consider using our blog writing services to help you improve your content marketing strategy.

4. Creating excellent content is a low-cost way to attract new leads.

Take a look at all of the ways that content can help your business bring in new leads if you’re wondering why content marketing is so important.

Small businesses that rely on consistent traffic to grow their brand and increase sales need to generate leads.

Content marketing is not only effective at generating leads, but it is also cost-effective.

According to DemandMetric, content marketing costs 62 percent less than traditional marketing tactics but generates three times the number of leads.

Content marketing is a necessary tactic for small businesses looking to maximize their budget due to its low cost.

It’s important to remember that content marketing takes time and that seeing the results of your efforts can take a long time.

This is particularly true in the case of SEO.

When it comes to creating high-quality content, however, a little goes a long way.

Indeed, as reported by Social Media Examiner:

…more than 81 percent of marketers found that investing as little as 6 hours per week in their social media content resulted in increased traffic.

Not only is content marketing a cost-effective strategy, but it also yields a return on investment that small businesses can’t afford to ignore.

When you consider the return on investment, it’s easy to see why content marketing is so important.

Because creating content is both inexpensive and effective, many small businesses will see a significant return on their investment in content marketing over time.

In fact, content marketing generates three times the number of leads as paid search ads per dollar spent.

The key to maximizing content ROI is to develop a digital content strategy that considers your target audience.

It’s never a good idea to create content just for the sake of creating content.

Your content should be strategic if you want to get your money’s worth:

in the topics you choose, the types of assets you create, and the ways you promote yourself

5. Content allows you to highlight your brand’s subject-matter expertise.

Consumers want to know that they’re dealing with industry experts who know everything there is to know about the business.

Another reason for the importance of content marketing can be found here.

Your brand can demonstrate its expertise in the field through content marketing.

While also providing useful information that can assist readers in making more informed purchasing decisions.

Every time you make a publication, make sure to include the following:

a new blog post, white paper, or other content pieces…

You’re demonstrating to leads and customers how knowledgeable you are about the industry and the problems they face.

Consumers will remember the brand that provided them with the information they needed when it comes time to make a purchase.

Let’s say the choice is between buying from a company that publishes educational and informative content on a regular basis or from one that doesn’t.

A customer is more likely to buy from a company that has demonstrated their expertise and knowledge.

They will have peace of mind as a result of this.

Because they know they’ll be looked after by industry experts who can answer their questions and quickly resolve any problems.

6. Do you want to strengthen your customer relationships? Produce excellent content.

If you’re still unsure, here’s why content marketing is so important.

Consider how effective content marketing can aid in the development of customer relationships.

We previously discussed how content is essential for establishing trust and a positive brand reputation.

This can assist you in expanding your audience and generating new leads.

But what about the customers who have already made a purchase from you? Many small businesses rely on repeat customers to stay afloat.

According to BIA Kelsey, 61 percent of SMBs claim that repeat customers account for half of their revenue.

Furthermore, according to Marketing Tech Blog, a loyal customer is worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase.

It goes without saying that loyal customers are beneficial to your business.

If repeat sales account for a significant portion of your revenue…

…then you’ll need to figure out how to improve your current customer relationships.

It’s here that content marketing comes into play.

After a lead becomes a customer, providing great content doesn’t end.

Content that adds value to your customers’ lives will help you build stronger customer relationships, which will help you increase brand loyalty.

This can help you establish powerful brand advocates and encourage repeat sales.

Customers feel more positive about a company with custom content, and they also feel closer to that brand, as shown above.

So, what kind of content is best for fostering brand loyalty?

How-to videos and other types of informative visual content can assist your customers in getting more value from your products or services.

They are more likely to return if they receive more value.

Brand guides and comparisons are two more examples of content that can help your customers get more value.

You are working to build more trust and encourage repeat sales by assisting customers in making better purchasing decisions.

7. Great content is important to your leads and customers!

What is the significance of content marketing?

Your leads and customers, on the other hand, want to read great content. In fact, reading content accounts for 20% of the time spent online by internet users.

And if you think people aren’t interested in reading content from brands, think again.

According to the infographic below, 68 percent of people enjoy reading about brands they are interested in.

Furthermore, 80% of internet users prefer to learn about businesses through the custom content they provide.

Consumers not only like content, but they also want to read great content from brands like yours, according to these statistics.

So, instead of giving the people what they want, why not give them what they want?

Don’t ignore the data you’ve collected from your audience if you want your content marketing to be successful.

Journey maps, user feedback, vanity metrics, and customer personas can all be used to gather data for your customer insight.

This data is critical for your content strategy.

Create unique content that is relevant to your target audience and adds value.

Use your content to show consumers what your brand is all about, whether it’s entertaining or educational.

Focusing on topics that are relevant to your eager audience is the key to creating effective content that helps you connect with them:

requirements, passions, and challenges
Also, don’t forget to inject some personality into your brand to help customers understand what sets you apart from the competition.

This leads us to the next part of the answer to the question, “Why is Content Marketing Important?”…

8. Content marketing allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

In today’s crowded digital marketplace, it’s critical that your small business stands out from the crowd.

This is why content marketing is so important.

Content marketing is an effective way for small businesses to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Also, to demonstrate what makes their company unique!

The topics and value of the content you create can determine whether or not a customer chooses your brand over a competitor’s.

For example, if a buyer is researching their problems and the products that can help them solve those problems…

…they are more likely to work with a company that has provided them with useful information.

Consider the role that content plays in helping you develop a brand personality and voice if this isn’t enough to convince you of the importance of content marketing.

You can differentiate yourself from the competition in more ways than just the type of content you produce.

That is done through the language you use in your content and the way you present your data.

Is the tone of your brand serious and professional? Isn’t it both entertaining and educational?

Maybe a combination of the two?

Developing a brand voice and deciding how you want to portray your brand can help you create content that is unique to your company.

This brand personality can assist you in connecting with your target buyers and demonstrating what makes your company unique.

The marketing content you create is one of the best ways to demonstrate this personality.

9. Content is crucial at every stage of the marketing funnel.

Let’s consider the importance of content marketing in terms of your marketing funnel.

While developing your digital marketing campaigns, you should think about three major aspects of your marketing funnel.

Content marketing is important at every stage of the funnel.

Throughout the marketing funnel, content marketing plays a role:

TOFU (Top-of-Funnel):

Your potential customers are just beginning to recognize their problems at the top of the funnel.

They are also beginning to realize that there are alternatives.

Content can assist them in this stage by educating them and providing them with the information they require to determine which type of solution will be most beneficial.

Middle-of-Funnel (MOFU):

Leads are evaluating their product or solution options in the middle of the funnel.

The goal of content at this stage of the funnel is to inform leads about their various options.

This will enable them to begin narrowing their options and get closer to making a final purchase decision.

BOFU (Bottom-of-Funnel Conversion):

When leads reach the bottom of the funnel, they are ready to convert.

This stage’s content is meant to give the buyer one last nudge of encouragement and empower them to make an informed purchasing decision.

Take a look at this diagram to get a better understanding of content at each stage of the funnel:

You can see how content marketing is used at each stage of the marketing funnel, as well as which types of content are most effective for top, middle, and bottom-of-funnel leads.

Be aware of what each lead requires at this stage in their buyer’s journey when creating content marketing to reach potential customers at each stage.

Top-of-the-funnel prospects require more general information to better understand their problems and potential solutions.

Leads who have progressed to the middle of the funnel require more detailed information to help them evaluate their options.

Leads at the bottom of the funnel, on the other hand, require content that contains specific details about your unique offer in order to make an informed purchasing decision.

10. Almost every other digital marketing strategy relies on content.

Another benefit of content marketing is that it helps to support the rest of your digital marketing strategy by providing consistent, high-quality content.

In their digital marketing toolbox, most small businesses have more than one tool.

There are many different tactics you can use to attract and engage your ideal audience, from email marketing to social media to PPC ads.

Are you curious as to what these strategies have in common?

Excellent content!

Any tactic you use in your digital marketing campaigns should include the creation of engaging, high-quality content.

Consider the following scenario: you want to launch a lead nurturing email marketing campaign.

You must create engaging email content that encourages readers to take the next step.

You can also use content you’ve already created to aid in the nurturing of those leads.

A blog or whitepaper, for example, can provide them with the information they need to progress through the funnel.

Because content marketing is integrated into all other aspects of your digital marketing strategy, there should be no question about why it is important.

It’s also the glue that holds your campaigns together, and it’s what makes them successful in the end.

All you have are ideas if you don’t have great content. And no matter how great an idea is, it won’t convert on its own!

Final thoughts

With all of the advantages of content marketing, it’s clear why it’s so important for businesses of all sizes.

Content marketing can help you not only increase visibility, but also strengthen relationships with your leads and customers.

It’s time to get started if you truly want to see the value of content marketing in action.

Work on creating a content marketing strategy that focuses on your ideal customers.

Then you’ll be well on your way to producing valuable content that will help you increase conversions and customer retention.

Learn how working with a content marketing firm like Marcelo Design X can help you increase traffic and conversions.

For more information, please see our content marketing services page.

Have you had your fill of information and are ready to get started? Please get in touch with us to discuss your content marketing strategy.

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