Sell online with Facebook Marketplace for Business

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Facebook Marketplace for Business

Facebook Marketplace, which is used monthly by over 800 million people in 70 countries, allows people to buy and sell items such as furniture, clothes, and even cars.

While the platform is typically used by individual sellers, Facebook has begun to roll out Marketplace for Business. Facebook’s Marketplace for Business is a fantastic opportunity for businesses looking to increase product sales online.

On this page, we’ll look at five advantages of selling on Marketplace for Business, as well as how Marcelo Design X can assist you in getting started.

What exactly is the Facebook Marketplace for Business?

Facebook Marketplace, the social media giant’s platform for buying and selling items locally, debuted in 2016.

Individual sellers have traditionally used Facebook Marketplace. However, Facebook recently launched Marketplace for Business, a new feature designed to help businesses sell more online.

You can do the following with Marketplace for Business:

  • Display retail inventory, home rentals, vehicles, and event tickets.
  • Even if you don’t post directly on Marketplace, advertise your store or items there.
  • Freely display new or refurbished items from your Facebook Page shop on Marketplace.
  • Allow customers to make purchases without having to leave Facebook.
  • If your company wants to increase its online exposure and product sales, Facebook Marketplace for Business can help.

5 Advantages of Using Facebook Marketplace for Business

Let’s take a look at five advantages of Marketplace for Business for small and medium-sized business sellers.

1. Begin listing products for free.

Unlike most other platforms, Facebook Marketplace for Business allows you to create and manage listings at no additional cost.

Marketplace for Business provides a quick and free selling option, allowing you to immediately increase revenue. You’ll also have more money to spend on paid advertisements to broaden your reach.

2. Raise brand awareness

Every month, over 800 million people around the world use Facebook Marketplace — and Marketplace for business will help you instantly expand your online audience.

Even if your company does not directly post on Marketplace, you can advertise your products there to reach a larger audience. You can create targeted ads that people see when they shop on Marketplace using Facebook’s Ad Manager tool.

Combining your Marketplace for Business listings with paid ads will increase your exposure and help more people find and learn about your items.

3. Increase product sales.

You can list items from your Facebook Page shop for free on Facebook Marketplace for Business. Customers can now make purchases directly on Facebook without leaving the platform.

Selling on Marketplace for Business allows you to streamline the conversion process, allowing you to earn more sales and revenue.

So, if you want to sell more online, consider linking your Facebook Page shop with Marketplace for Business to increase product sales.

4. Interact directly with customers via Messenger

When you sell on Marketplace for Business, you can respond directly to questions from interested buyers via Facebook Messenger.

Interacting with leads in real time allows you to answer questions and provide the information they require to purchase before they lose interest. You can also demonstrate your customer service skills and make people feel more confident in their purchasing decisions.

5. Outsell competitors online

Because Facebook Marketplace for Business is a new feature, selling on the platform will give you an early mover advantage.

Starting with Marketplace for Business allows you to diversify your selling channels in order to stand out online and outperform competitors.

You have a unique opportunity to reach customers on social media, and because 2.2 billion people use Facebook every day, you will reach more customers than competitors who do not sell on the platform.

Join forces with Marcelo Design X to begin selling on Facebook Marketplace for Business.

Are you ready to start selling more online with Facebook Marketplace for Business?

Marcelo Design X, a Facebook Marketing Partner and top-rated social media agency, understands what it takes to drive results on Facebook.

Contact us online or call us at to begin listing your products on Facebook Marketplace for Business!

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