7 Ways Business Automation Can Help You Beat the Competition

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One of the leading causes of business failure, particularly among small businesses, is competition. Why? A variety of factors influence this, but one major factor is that newer, smaller businesses simply cannot compete with larger enterprises in terms of speed, flexibility, and accuracy—or can they?

Assume you provide field services such as plumbing or HVAC. How can your 50 technicians hope to compete with a company of 300? That’s how! By working smarter! Consider the following companies that were founded only a few years ago and how they battled their way to the top: Uber competed with thousands of taxi drivers not by offering more, but by providing better service. It used technology to change people’s perceptions of how to get around a city.

We’re not suggesting you become the next Uber. These are known as business “unicorns” for a reason—they are extremely rare—but it’s worth considering their innovative mindset and applying it to your small business. There’s nothing stopping you from evaluating how you can better serve your customers, whether you work in retail, e-commerce, food, or home services.

And what could be smarter than automating all of the time-consuming, repetitive tasks that no one enjoys? Consider sales funnels, newsletters, database management, and other similar tools. So continue reading to learn how business automation can help you win in the big leagues:

1. Business automation boosts productivity

The most visible advantage of business automation is increased productivity. Managers frequently underestimate how much time is spent on activities such as recording customers and confirming emails. And if there’s one thing a small business lacks, it’s time.

Increased productivity means being able to complete more tasks with the same number of people, whether it’s serving more customers or installing more appliances. Naturally, if you produce more with the same input (i.e., the same number of employees), your profits will rise while your costs remain constant.

The key is to find the right automation software for your industry and business. You may have to pay a small subscription fee in this case, but if it saves you from having to hire even one extra admin person, it’s still profit in your pocket.

2. Your own mobile APP

Depending on the industry of your business, having one developed for your business can automate sales in a very effective way, if you still do not have an app developed for your business, you can contact our team to obtain a first-class mobile app.

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3. Business automation makes scheduling easier

Is there any reason why you shouldn’t automate your scheduling? Perhaps you simply enjoy spending two to three hours every Friday staring at Excel spreadsheets and calling people to ensure they are happy with their shifts. Then hearing everyone complain on Monday that their rota isn’t what they expected—and then again on Wednesday when someone calls in sick. We don’t think many people enjoy this because it’s clearly not an efficient way to grow a business.

Scheduling simply requires a significant amount of time and attention, but it is essentially a repetitive task. Automation can easily save you from having to hire additional administrative staff to handle it, freeing up your time to work on growing your business. Scheduling can be done in minutes rather than hours with software that keeps track of overlaps, number of hours, part-time or full-time staff, and even specific skills.

4. Automation allows for greater flexibility and attention to detail

One of your larger competitors’ advantages is their flexibility and ability to quickly accommodate a wide range of customers. When you’re smaller, however, you’re much better at discerning customer needs and paying attention to the finer points. It’s the reason why some customers prefer a small business with a strong brand to a nameless corporation. However, with the help of digital tools, you can easily compete with larger companies in terms of both speed and capacity.

5. Increases transparency and accountability

What about that paper trail we mentioned earlier? We should have included digital just to be sure the point was clear. It’s pointless to have a stack of papers because they’re just another thing that will prevent you from growing. One significant advantage of business automation is that all documentation is uploaded digitally and accessible to anyone who requires it.

You should be able to set authority levels depending on the software you’re using. This way, only employees with specific security clearances will have access to sensitive information, while others will only have access to tasks that directly involve them.

It is critical to make every effort to go paperless, regardless of the type of business you run. It is not only better for the environment, but it also benefits your company by increasing transparency (you will always know who edits a document) and accountability in the event of a problem. If you want to be a true business leader, you must accept full accountability.

Furthermore, digital files are not affected by spilled coffee mugs and cannot be misplaced by forgetful employees. When competing with larger companies, you must demonstrate to your customers that you know what you’re doing. If they ask about your processes, you can’t be seen rolling in with a file cabinet.

6. Automation improves the customer experience

According to studies, customer experience will overtake price as a key decision factor by 2020. Of course, the best customer experience is a matter of personal preference, but analyzing and optimizing your buyer’s journey is something that anyone can do. Try to empathize with your customer; simply put yourself in their shoes and focus on what you think could be improved about each stage from their point of view, then determine whether it’s something a software could do for you.

A customer may be put off if they want to schedule an appointment but it’s midnight and no one is available to answer the phone. Chatbots and digital calendars are the obvious solutions in this situation. Positive reviews are another area where businesses struggle, specifically a lack of them. A good solution would be an automated workflow in which customers are emailed a review link after making a purchase.


Obtaining a website in this digital age is vital to create a powerful marketing strategy to reach the right buyer, in a cost effective way, and taking care of the ROI.

If you still don’t have a website for your business, you can contact our expert web design team to get a top-notch website, adapted for any type of marketing strategy.

Overall, automation is more than a gimmick for Silicon Valley aristocrats. Any company, regardless of size, can test software to see if it improves their operations. And, while automation may not solve every problem you’ve ever encountered, it will certainly make things easier and give you more time to consider the big picture.

As with any wise purchase, make certain that you are not simply purchasing software for the sake of purchasing it. Take your time weighing your options and consulting with your team. You never know: business automation could be your ticket to the big leagues!

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