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Not long ago, mobile applications were only available to industry leaders and large multinational corporations. However, the status quo has recently been turned on its head. Businesses of all sizes and scales are now looking for ways to provide their customers with a mobile app through which they can access their products and services.

The unexpected and unprecedented global pandemic has highlighted the importance of businesses thinking on their feet and adapting to market volatility. The demand for mobile apps has skyrocketed, with customers in every industry expecting to find an app for every product or service they require. Small and mid-sized businesses are seeing excellent returns on their app investments as a result of this promising demand.

Here’s why mobile apps are the present and future of all types of businesses.

“Does that have an app?”

There’s an app for almost everything these days: entertainment, digital payments, healthcare, accounting, travel, real estate, calendar, service finder, eLearning, apparel, groceries, food delivery… The app marketplace, also known as app stores, is brimming with mobile and web applications for almost any product or service you can think of.

Statistics show that:

  • By next year, annual mobile app downloads will have surpassed 258 billion.
  • By 2023, mobile apps will generate $935 billion in gross revenue.
  • By 2026, the mobile app industry will be worth $407.31 billion.

5 reasons why mobile apps are absolutely necessary in today’s world

There are numerous reasons why businesses across all industries want to offer their customers an app, ranging from selling goods and services to providing interesting content to building brand awareness. They are a potent tool that, when used correctly, has the potential to strengthen and diversify any business.

Let’s take a look at the top five reasons why a mobile app is beneficial to your business –

1. Observability

We’re all addicted to our smart devices, whether they’re phones, tablets, or wearables. In fact, according to recent research, people are now spending more time on their smartphones than on their computers. It is critical that you modify your current marketing strategies to align with this paradigm shift. Having a mobile presence can help you attract more attention and grow your business. According to a survey, American adults spend 2 hours and 51 minutes per day on their phones. That is enough time for any business to capture their attention with mobile apps that communicate their message using graphics, text, icons, and videos.

2. Revenue

Isn’t it true that business is all about making money? Given the type of relationship that modern-day customers have with their smartphones, it is clear that providing them with a mobile app for your offerings is the best way to motivate them to purchase your products or services. The eCommerce boom, in particular, has shown how well-designed mobile apps can allow for rapid growth in sales and revenues.

3. A larger audience

An app not only helps you raise brand awareness, but it also allows you to connect with a broader audience. Apps are extremely useful for growing and promoting your business, particularly when it comes to attracting younger demographics. You can easily reach out to a wide range of audiences and pique their interest in your products, services, and special offers.

4. Excellent customer service

The best thing about mobile apps is that they allow you to provide an exceptional customer experience while staying one step ahead of the competition. You can create a truly great customer experience with a slick UI, well-thought-out UX, and a slew of features. Apps are a direct channel of communication that can help you improve your user-friendliness and customer service. Starbucks, for example, has done an outstanding job of creating excellent digital engagement through its mobile app by offering services such as order-and-pay, access to loyalty programs and direct promotions, and leveraging services from other innovative third-party platforms.

5. Marketing

Aside from providing a positive customer experience, an app can assist you in developing a highly effective marketing channel. You can offer app-only deals, direct marketing, in-app messaging, and more. Mobile apps have proven to be far ahead of other marketing techniques and technologies in terms of customer retention and brand loyalty. Mobile apps can help increase customer engagement, generate repeat orders, retain customers, and monetize their presence on your virtual channels from a marketing standpoint.

Trends in mobile apps for 2022 and beyond

With businesses from every industry niche developing mobile apps for the products and services they provide, it is unsurprising that there is fierce competition for virtual presence. Among the trends driving the mobile app space for businesses are:

1. Individualization

When it comes to getting prospective customers hooked on your app, the level of personalization you provide can make or break the deal. Aside from providing simplified access with a single click, providing personalized suggestions and content can increase customer engagement and help push your sales to the next level.

2. Apps with multiple functions

Super apps are becoming increasingly popular because they allow customers to access ten different services or products from a single app (instead of using 10 different apps).

3. 5g

5G combines ultra-low latency and connection density with increased bandwidth. This has now opened up a world of possibilities in the fields of IoT, AR, and VR.

4. PWAs

Progressive Web Apps, or PWAs, are web pages with app-like functionality. This means they are very simple to create, and unlike native mobile apps, PWAs load extremely quickly.

5. Wearables

The pandemic highlighted the significance of both physical and mental health. With these advancements, the wearables revolution that many have been predicting for a long time has finally arrived. Today’s wearable devices are linked to apps that do much more than just tell you how many calories you burned during the day by collecting real-time health data and providing a variety of other features.

Every fact, trend, statistic, and forecast reinforces the importance of having a mobile app for your business. It all comes down to the type of app you want and who will create it for you. If you are looking for an experienced mobile app development company in the United States, contact the QualDev team right away!

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