7 Benefits of digital marketing for small businesses

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For the past few years all we’ve heard is: businesses should take advantage of digital marketing, digital marketing is good for business, with digital marketing you can improve your sales, etc. etc. etc. However, I understand that at the same time we must be clear on what benefits businesses obtain by leveraging, IN THE RIGHT WAY, digital marketing, and this is the reason for this publication. Help you, with simple words and without much blah blah blah, to understand why a good strategically applied digital marketing, can lead your business to grow, to drive itself, to obtain more conversions and more sales.

Digital marketing as one of the keys to the survival of your business
I have repeatedly pointed out how consumer behavior has been transformed through the years, where today, in a highly connected world, with all the social platforms that empower people to share more and more content and express themselves every time. Better, that consumer is in a position of advantage that has led him to understand that his value is above that of brands.

All this situation has produced a quite competitive environment, where every business that wants not only to be seen, but TO SURVIVE, must make the right decisions, and take right steps that will allow them to enter the race, compete and win.

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Your business needs to transform, adapt, change the chip … In short, much more than just a facelift. And no, you will not only get that through digital marketing. However, digital marketing is one of the great keys that can help you achieve it.

7 Benefits of digital marketing for small businesses

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

With the Internet revolution, marketing is no longer just big business. Today, all types of companies, regardless of size, can take advantage of the digital environment. Obviously not on the same scale or the same level of investment, but that you can, there is no doubt.

In fact, small businesses are the ones that should take the most advantage of digital marketing, since they, for the most part, do not have the large budgets that are required to carry out traditional marketing strategies and campaigns, and this resource offers them an immensity of benefits and advantages that allow them to enter the competitive environment.

The trick is to do it intelligently, attacking the most important aspects first and then implementing it in stages.

What specifically are the benefits of digital marketing for your small business?

1. Connects you with today’s consumer

80% of consumers use the Internet to search for information. With the different tools and channels that digital marketing enables, you can reach a segmented audience that spends up to 23% of their time online searching for information.

2. Generate higher conversion rates

Reaching specific audiences and generating such leads from interaction with them is the essence of digital marketing. Without that result, all your efforts would be a waste of time and precious resources.

Digital marketing paves the way for marketing efforts that generate profitable results.

3. Helps you save money

At Gartners Digital Marketing Spend Report express that 40% of MSM entrepreneurs reported achieving significant resource savings in implementing their digital marketing efforts. Many of them are even reinvesting those savings in more digital marketing actions.

We know that if you are from a mipyme, you have very limited resources, so you must have a masterful management of your costs and expenses to maintain profitability.

Digital marketing helps you, not only to generate engagement, leads and customers, but also to save on implementation costs of different strategies and tactics.

4. Enables real-time customer service

Unlike traditional marketing, where communication is one way, digital channels not only serve to carry the message, but also allow you to establish a revolutionary customer service platform that allows you to save, and at the same time generate more income, retain your customers and make new and fully satisfied customers.

Additionally, do you know the cost of a call center to provide customer service? Well, if you do not know, I tell you that it is not something that a small business can handle in its budget, especially micro-businesses. However, digital platforms place a series of tools in your hands that allow you to provide first-rate customer service.

5. It helps you generate more income

The implementation of a marketing that generates more savings, less costs, and more focused actions, helps you reap the benefits of generating higher income.

In fact, according to a study by IPSOS Hong Kong, it has been confirmed that digital marketing strategies can generate up to 2.8 times more income and benefits.

6. Higher ROI (Return on Investment) of your campaigns and activations

Different digital marketing tactics involve investing resources, time, and money, however the costs of generating leads and customers are well below traditional tactics, plus they are measurable and you can see the impact of every penny.

Tactics such as Email Marketing, also called the King of the Internet, well implemented can generate a return of up to $ 42 for every dollar invested.

7. It allows you to enter the great races

Digital marketing not only allows you to be on par with your competitors, but in many cases you can enter the race and go head to head with big brands and corporations.

In summary

WELL IMPLEMENTED digital marketing… IT WORKS, and your business must have a digital presence built on a sustainable and sustainable basis, which will prepare you to drive its development and obtain more and better results.

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