Differences between an e-Commerce website and an website

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Differences between an e-Commerce website and an website

Making a website is not something that simply occurs to us because everyone has one (or at least it should be). Designing a website involves market research, analysis of the opportunity, comparison of different elements with the competition and another series of key elements in online marketing.

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When we talk about Internet marketing we talk about strategies, but first we have to be clear about some concepts that are essential when it comes to bringing to fruition the strategies that we intend to implement.

Thus, the web presence has to be based on a certain maxim: invest if you are going to make a profit. If there is no benefit, making a website is meaningless, just as it makes no sense to spend a few dollars to leave them lying there for fashion or just because.

For these reasons we are going to analyze when it is profitable to have an informative website and when it is profitable to create a website oriented to the sale or online store.

So we will know with two examples how you can manage this type of actions in order to get the best return on your online investments.

Commerce website and an website

Differences between an e-Commerce website and an website

The difference we can find is that an e-Commerce website is optimized to sell products, this type of website contains a very different design from the type of website that we are used to browsing.

An e-Commerce website apart from offering you information about the product you can also place orders online and even get the product shipped to any address you provide.

This type of website has become quite popular after the current pandemic. Many business owners have finally chosen to hire an expert to get an e-Commerce website.

Let’s talk a little more about sales-oriented websites

I will use this website that we have designed for a brand as an example to explain the content of the post in this case.


Shop CocoNilla is a Caribbean based online boutique that caters to the classy woman.

When a client visits the website, the first thing that the client will perceive is a header quickly explaining what the website is about, and then the only thing we see are collections, and buttons that call to action.

These types of strategies or actions are common in this type of page, because the organization of the information has to be done in a clear way if we want to maintain the intensity and extend the duration of the potential customer’s view.

When building a website it is essential to know that we have about eight seconds to capture the visitor’s attention.

If in those eight seconds whoever is viewing our website does not find or thinks they can find what has led them to our site, they will go, in this case to look for another farmhouse in Barcelona where they will give them what they hope to find.

It is here, on the internal pages, where we can appreciate certain differences between what we have traditionally seen as an information page in the case of top wooden houses, or what we can see here on the website of psychologists in León to learn about various related aspects with psychology or with the services that the web offers.

One of the bases of success is its forms, with a type of call to action that must have as elements:

  • What is clear
  • What can be measured
  • What can a customer provide


As you can see, the options to buy in any of its formats is clear, divided into different categories that group items with similar characteristics.

In this way we can affirm that, given the amount of collections for sale combined with their corresponding call to action, shopping cart and sales process in which there are no distractions, we are certainly facing a website that has all its parameters focused on the conversion is done by closing a sale.

Now it only remains to tackle the following mission: to get qualified visitors who come to our website looking for what we offer them.

Having a content marketing strategy is one of the points on which to base ourselves to get more leads and be profitable.

A website just to display information

This type of website is the most common, and it should be noted that not all businesses in the world need an e-Commerce website, another type of business requires an informative website that is also optimized to attract potential customers through forms , call to action buttons and other important elements to offer a pleasant customer experience.

Generally, we tend to design a lot this line of websites for companies that offer services such as consulting, lawyers, shipping companies, real estate and among other categories.

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