👉 7 Digital Marketing Trends In The Caribbean To Implement in 2020

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So here we will introduce you to these 7 digital marketing trends in the Caribbean to implement in 2020. Business owners if they want to prevail must be aware of every trend that exists.

Let’s see some practical ideas to get it.

While technology continues to move at a fast pace, everything points to marketing focused on the human experience, and designed to inspire interactions between consumers and brands.

Start learning about the 7 digital marketing trends in the caribbean

The only constant in marketing is change. Now it’s up to you to take action and take advantage of the most suitable growth opportunities for your business.

1# Invest in your brand

Your brand is your company’s most valuable asset, and an expression of how your customers, suppliers, potential or current employees, or business partners see you. And not only that. Attract quality customers, reduce marketing costs, establish links with your audience, and help sell more and better.

It is a solid investment that increases the positive perception of consumers, positions you so that you do not need to compete exclusively for price and favors the economic benefits of your marketing and advertising actions in proportion to the perceived strength of the brand.

2# Rank your website at the top in search engines

Get your results to be positioned above those of your competition to generate traffic to your website.

Search engines have evolved to understand the intent of user queries in the same way that a human would.

Position zero is a search result in which Google automatically provides the answer to the query made by the user in the form of an automated highlighted snippet displayed at the top of the page.

3# Adapt your strategy to Google Bert

Google’s algorithmic update, BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers), acts as an open source neural network to effectively process the flow of natural language (PLN or Natural Language Processing).

Through artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, you can understand human language through the context and nuances of words. He understands users’ search intentions and interests, and is especially relevant in conversational searches.

Optimize your website for SEO positioning for BERT and generate a higher flow of visits and conversions.

4# Boost sales through social media

According to the 2019 Annual Study of Social Networks in Spain, 55% of users claim to seek information about products or services on social networks before making a purchase.

It is an upward trend, so a good strategy for 2020 will be to create publications, the «shoppable posts«, to make the products available to users through social channels.

Some advertisers redirect users to the product page in their e-commerce through social media posts. However, platforms like Facebook or Instagram allow in-app purchases, which makes things a lot easier for sellers.

Integrated shopping drastically shortens the sales funnel and allows brands to impact new users in a friendly way.

5# Combine Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Using AR and AI together in business makes it a very powerful and data-gathering marketing tool to help companies learn more about consumer preferences.

Customers demand quick and accurate responses, which is why they appreciate the digital representations of the products before making the purchase, detailed information about what they are buying, the possibility of displaying options not available in the physical store, and of course, recommendations based on their own preferences.

6# Consolidate your SEO strategy by voice

Stand out to thousands of people searching for business information or searching for products and services through the increasing use of speakers and smart devices.

Get ready for the avalanche of voice searches that more and more people use to find information and buy with the use of natural language, featured snippets, company profile in Google My Business, as well as optimized and constantly updated content.

Now you can build fast and profitable customer experiences by facilitating the purchase of products using voice through applications that convert product catalogs into fully enabled markets for devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

7# Attract Generation Z with TikTok

Facebook was also a platform for them. Generation Z, that is, those who were born between 1995 and 2005, have in their hands all the tools to decide which brands to choose.

Native video and chat applications have become the new social media. WhatsApp and TikTok have the global domain in terms of downloads in millions.

Users seek more personal interactions through chat and entertainment experiences and that’s why TikTok has surpassed Instagram in 2019 by showing how the most creative media inspire story-based micro video sharing that even Instagram and Facebook replicate and clone.

Drive your marketing strategy on TikTok and reach exactly the audience you are looking for, promote your brand with influencers or advertise on their advertising platform.

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