Types of websites for different types of businesses

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It is necessary to know the types of websites that exist to be able to choose the correct website for your business. Likewise, a website developer should know what type of website suits your business, but if you as a business owner know that you need it, no one will be able to come and charge you more money for a type of website that you do not need.

There is no doubt that the first step to show your brand to the public, grow in sales and not fall asleep while technology and telecommunications pass before your eyes, is to enter the digital world and that implies having your own web platform. But, you may be wondering what types of websites there are and which is right for your business.

Types of websites

Types of websites for different types of businesses

Here you will find the appropriate information to clear your doubts and correctly choose the site that makes you grow.

Before answering what types of websites you can choose to make your business profitable, you should know that the development of any platform can be static or dynamic. According to these characteristics the style and design of a certain site will vary.

Static Website

The information cannot change, which makes it a simple and quick resource to apply to gain presence in the Internet world. Many digital companies that are beginning to join the era of web platforms decide to use this development on their pages as they will not update content frequently.

Dynamic Website

Updating this style of web is done quickly and simply as it feeds on those data that are stored in our databases. Although their development is more complex, they are the ones indicated when we must change the information regularly. If you must make a web redesign, do not hesitate to improve it with a dynamic web!

Now yes, you will be able to choose, together with your team, among the different types of websites that exist. This is because not everyone who is immersed in the Internet wants to sell something, always. Some companies only need, for a certain time, greater visibility of their platform, others attract customers or increase the sales of their e-commerce. Each particularity requires different objectives that can be obtained through a certain website.

Take note and choose among the different types of websites that best correspond to your business to achieve a correct user experience when they visit your site.

Types of websites according to their function

Branding Website

Typically on branding websites, you will find information about the company, the product and/or the service. It’s goal is to make the user familiar with the brand and to promote name recognition.

Name, logo, information about the institution, address, contact details, the products offered, among others. In other words, the classic business card of a company, taken to the virtual world.

On these platforms, the key lies in the precision of the contents, a rather minimalist design and corporate colors so that only at a glance the reader can elucidate the main information that they make to the digital brand.

Not all have an ecommerce to sell their products or services, although the fundamental objective is the sale. They just want to inform customers about who they are, what they market, what the local location is, and so on.

E-Commerce Website

The web par excellence to make online sales. They have a landing page that calls all the attention of the client so that it arrives at the store and begins to buy the products or services of the company.

Every online store or ecommerce must meet certain requirements to be successful: It must be attractive, intuitive and agile for browsing to be effective and lead to the desired conversion.

Online Academy

This type of website is very common in institutions that want to expand their courses by creating a website that has live teachers, material for students and an online payment method.

Blog or Content Website

Website par excellence to promote SEO positioning of the same. It is usually integrated into a web page as a complement to provide information to the user related to the digital brand and, in turn, contribute with certain practices in the content to the best positioning of the site in search engines.


This platform has a clear and concise objective: to show the reader the work done by a particular company or professional. Since the main function is a catalog or sample mode, the design is simple, with great visual appeal but, fundamentally, with clear and simple content.

Landing Page

As its name implies, it is a landing page whose main objective is to transform users into leads. To do this, a landing page must consider certain key factors to attract potential customers to make conversions such as product purchases, fill out contact forms, provide personal information to carry out email marketing campaigns, etc. In this way, the fundamental visual attention must be on the button that leads to the conversion!

It is no longer a novelty that having a virtual presence, drives all kinds of business towards a vast market crowded with competition but with a large part of the world population seeking to satisfy their needs via the Internet.

Owning any of the types of websites that we have described in this post can give you the guarantee of entering this world to obtain multiple benefits, without wasting effort!

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