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2020 is coming to an end and web design is a sector in constant transformation, for which we are constantly learning and researching and testing new formats and technology for this 2021.

So in this article we will collect the trends in web design.

Web Design Trends 2021

1.- Dark Mode / Dark Mode:

This is not new, however it is a function that has been evolving and becoming popular in the last year thanks to mobile devices.

2.- Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:

Thanks to technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality, thousands of retail businesses are managing to enrich the shopping experience of their customers.

There are different ways to apply artificial intelligence to business, depending on the nature of these.

For example, fashion businesses can use augmented reality to allow customers to see what a garment would look like before buying. This means eliminating one of the main barriers to ecommerce, with beneficial results in increasing purchases and decreasing returns.

3.- Loading speed

The faster your content loads the better for everyone. You will not miss a visit, Google will try better.

The user is overwhelmed with possibilities and options, so there is no place to wait, the load of your website will predominate, whether on desktop or mobile.

4.- Mobile First:

We will say little goodbye to the desktop web so that everything becomes more mobile. It is time to adapt it to the mobile user, to the different resolutions that we use on a day-to-day basis while we walk, eat, rest, etc.

5.- The Chatbots:

In 2020 they have been very useful, in 2021 it is expected that they can integrate more advanced options and improve their responses.

6.- Security and data protection:

In the 2021 web design trends, security is quite an important issue, as users are more sensitive to its use every day, and regulations continue to evolve. So for this 2021 the use of updated SSL certificates is important, and we are transparent with the use of our users’ data.

7.- Optimize your images well:

Always upload them to your website with the corresponding measurements and compressed to reduce their size without losing quality.

We hope that this compilation with trends in web design for 2021, will be useful if you are thinking of creating or updating your website.

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