Why Small Businesses Need SEO in 2021


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This could not have been further from the truth. SEO is an enormous opportunity for small businesses. Failing to incorporate it into your marketing strategy is almost like giving up your competition.

We’ve put together a number of reasons that show exactly why small businesses need SEO in 2021.

Why Small Businesses Need SEO in 2021

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Proper SEO is delivering a high ROI

A lot of smaller companies try to perform SEO work on their own or outsource it to a low-cost online agency.

While it is possible to perform a successful SEO on your own, these two approaches typically result in one or more failed attempts followed by the assumption that SEO does not work or is not worth it. In reality, proper SEO is one of the most profitable types of marketing that you can invest in.

However, it is important to understand that an upfront investment is usually required for a high-quality SEO strategy. This investment may take the form of time, if you try it on your own, or money if you work with a qualified agency, and it may take months to see your efforts pay off. It’s normal.

SEO is a long-term strategy, but if it is properly implemented from the outset, you will see great results.

The Internet makes business easier than any other medium

For better or worse, the Internet is the future – and the current state of business. Even in 2010, 78% of Internet users conducted online product and service research across Google’s 10.3 billion monthly searches. This number has only increased in the last 6 years.

The Internet is almost always the first stop in the purchasing process of consumers, and SEO is one of the best ways for small businesses to achieve online visibility.

This is even more important as mobile usage grows. It’s never been easier to quickly locate a particular product or service, and the achievement of high search engine rankings ensures that you’re not going to miss out on those potential customers as they look for the services you’re offering.

Traffic generated by SEO is converting well

Let’s say you own and run a cleaning operation for the pool. People will only be looking for pool cleaning services when they need them. If your business is listed as the #1 search result on search engines such as Google, what you’re doing is making it easier for consumers to find what they’re already looking for.

In other words, SEO-driven leads are customers who have already expressed an intention to purchase your product or service. This is the ideal demographic for small enterprises.

You’re not going to have to waste your time on irrelevant leads, because the user’s intention is clearly demonstrated by his or her search queries.

Your competition is already doing that.

Almost all companies today use SEO in their marketing strategies. Well, that means two things.

First of all, not only are you missing out on potential leads if you don’t have an SEO strategy in place, but those same leads are going directly to your competitors.

Second, adopting a well-planned SEO strategy gives you the opportunity to earn valuable search engine rankings over competitors who are running their SEO poorly.

This alone is supposed to be enough to convince you to get on with SEO. If you know that your competitors are effectively attracting customers on a specific channel, why don’t you take advantage of the same opportunity?

Investing in SEO is now a means of “future proof” of your business

SEO (and Internet marketing generally) is a dynamic process. What works well right now can change a day, a week, a month, or a year from now. SEO principles are changed whenever search engines adjust their algorithms.

The longer you have an SEO strategy in place and the more optimized your website, the faster and better you will be able to understand and respond to these algorithm changes. If SEO is even more necessary 10 years from now than it is at present, you’ll be glad to put a strong strategy back in place in 2021.

Another result of the current algorithm changes is exactly the opposite: Occasionally, opportunities for a legitimate, rapid increase in search engine rankings will also appear. The better your SEO strategy is, the more efficiently you will be able to rotate and take advantage of these opportunities.

Are you ready to start with SEO?

As we said before, it’s always possible to learn and implement SEO yourself. There are endless resources online, and it’s a very useful skill to have.

However, the faster you have the right strategy in place, the faster you’ll see the results. That’s why it can be smart to partner with a small SEO company. You will be able to skip the trial-and-error phase, in the knowledge that you will see results as quickly as possible.

We’re obviously a bit biasy, but we believe that WebFX is the perfect fit for most small businesses. Our team of Internet Marketers has led extremely successful SEO campaigns for our clients in a variety of industries and would love to do the same for your business.

We know exactly what it takes to make your small business visible in the search engine results. Feel free to read some of our many testimonials, or contact us for a free quote today!

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