The Importance of social media for your business

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Wondering how important social media for your business? Day by day we see how social media have transformed the way of doing business. Since its appearance, social media have transformed our vision of not only the world, people and cultures, but also the business market and the way of doing business. Hence its importance.

Currently we know more about the products that interest us through social media campaigns (tennis, food, technology, music, etc.), which has led these platforms to continually renew, for the user to register a more complete experience about a particular brand.

In this sense, social media are a platform that allows us to inform and interact with customers in a more direct way, as well as being an equal competitor with our market competitors, regardless of size, importance and business importance.

social media for your business

Some important statistical data

There are several studies that have been carried out, regarding social media, these are some of the results on its users:

  • 84% of internet users access social media.
  • 27% of the time on the internet is used on social media.
  • 74% of users of social media think that they are a reliable means to go to when they want to make a decision about buying a product or service.
  • 60% of consumers interact with at least one brand on social media.

Regarding companies:

  • 91% of companies use social media to do content marketing.
  • 64% use them to investigate the state of the markets and the competition.
  • 50% of companies that use social media say they have helped their sales increase.
  • 52% of companies say that social media has helped them attract new customers.

On the other hand, the social media most used by businesses are Twitter, especially in the technology and software sector, and LinkedIn, when professional services and marketing are offered; although we should not leave out Facebook and Pinterest, which have a large number of users.

Each social media with its own advantages

All of the above leads me to the need to answer another question. What social media should you use? There is no single answer to this, since it will depend on your target audience, the objective of your company, the sector to which it belongs and your resources, among other things.

Here I will talk about the most popular social media in business, their advantages and uses, which are five: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube.

Facebook, with the largest audience

It is estimated that, as of today, Facebook has more than 800 million active users, coming from different parts of the world, and from different age groups. Being on Facebook is being able to reach a large number of people. Among its uses are:

  • Dynamically interact with your clients.
  • Build a brand.
  • Get feedback on the company and the products and services it offers.

Twitter, to generate interactions

The number of users is less than Facebook but, with its more than 200 million active users, it is not a negligible amount either.

Its main objective is to generate interactions between companies and their clients, however, it can also serve to know the trends of a sector, answer questions, know what the competition is doing, etc.

LinkedIn, for professional services

To date it has some 135 million active users, all of them professionals who are looking to connect with each other. Taking this into account, its main uses are:

  • Find new clients.
  • Create beneficial relationships for the company, or the professional.
  • Introduce a company.

Pinterest, make your products known

This social media, which allows you to share images and even videos, receives approximately 75 million unique visits per month. It can be used to:

  • Promote products and services through creative and eye-catching photographs.
  • Generate brand commitment.
  • Increase sales.

YouTube, provide information

YouTube is considered the social media with the highest number of unique visits per month, we are talking about 800 million visits.

When using YouTube for business, tutorials and video-blogs stand out, as well as videos that demonstrate the benefits that a service or product can bring.

The Importance of social media for your business

To achieve all of the above, it is important to have professionals who can cope with different situations, such as answering queries, resolving complaints and even facing a crisis situation, in addition to processing all the information collected on business social media to make it a new and better marketing strategy.

On the other hand, if we know how to take advantage of each of the tools provided by the media for companies and use them correctly, we will not only obtain a massive communication channel, but also a space in which we can investigate the market, to to be able to offer services and products in an adequate way.

The basic thing is not to forget that these medias are made to relate to people, so you have to express yourself with courtesy, kindness and patience, with the aim of recovering humanity in business relationships and creating emotional ties to find fidelity, appreciation and relevance.

Advantages offered by corporate social media:

Corporate image (Branding)

Branding or corporate image is a fundamental part to give confidence to the client or potential clients, make them know you and remember you to generate stable links and relationships.

Higher positioning (SEO)

Business Social media can contribute traffic to your site, which leads to better positioning in search engines (Google, Bing, etc.). Frequent publication and consistency are key to giving visibility to your business.

Online Reputation

Increasing the generation of positive comments, testimonials and improving your internet presence are important elements to obtain a notable online reputation and with it better business opportunities.

Customer Service

With the opportunity to strike up a conversation with your potential or current clients, you will gain loyalty, you will make them think twice about wanting to buy from your competition. Remember that: Satisfied customer is worth two.

Sales Opportunities

With all the above, Corporate Social Media become powerful communication channels to increase your sales, as long as they are managed professionally.

If you carry out a strategic Social Media Plan with the aim of getting traffic to your website or increasing your database and having conversions, you will achieve the established results.

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