6 digital strategies to make your business survive covid-19 in the Caribbean

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The terrible crisis situation caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus is causing a really complicated situation for business in the Caribbean, especially in those companies with fewer resources and smaller.

There are many that have had to close these days, due to the specificity of their sector and the fact that, obviously, their clients were not going to buy from them at the moment. Others are immersed in ERTEs to avoid losses that lead them to have to close their businesses.

However, there is a sector that can currently benefit greatly from this situation. The digital sector.

And although the reality is that today, many companies have paralyzed their investments in digital advertising and online strategies, the internet is for many sectors a channel that may be helping them to a great extent to generate sales in times of the coronavirus.

Online advertising, main affected by the coronavirus COVID-19

Online advertising is, without a doubt, the big loser in this crisis of the coronavirus COVID-19, as companies are reluctant to invest right now and prefer to save while waiting to know how the market will evolve.

However, it is also true that many other companies are currently seeing a great opportunity in their digital strategies, especially those with online stores and managers with a global vision of the business that helps them see beyond the short term.

After all, having a digital strategy does not only mean investing in digital advertising, there are many more areas related to the internet in which it is convenient to invest at this time.

And while it is true that online advertising may be suffering an intense setback right now, there are other types of areas directly related to online marketing that may be very necessary.

For this, we must start from two very clear premises that we have to take into account.

1.- Your client, people, we are more online than ever

In these moments of confinement caused by the coronavirus COVID-19, the internet is a resource that we are all exploiting to the fullest.

Already only pay television channels such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or HBO, also many other areas are currently much more accessible to people and potential buyers.

2.- Your competition is stopping your online investment. Seize it

If you detect that your competition is stopping their investments in digital strategies, perhaps it may be a good time to start, even with little investment, yours.
Because when this crisis ends, which will end, there will be a profound readjustment of the market and only those that are at the top at that time will be able to take advantage of the moment of return to activity and customer acquisition.

Digital strategies to grow when the coronavirus COVID-19 passes

Forgetting about online advertising for a moment, let’s see which areas are most likely to help a company prepare for when the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis ends.

1.- Review of the website

The website or the online store are often the great forgotten. Many companies bet on intense online advertising but neglect their website and the advantages that a correct design can bring them.
Thus, usability, content structure, product sheets and service pages, content and a good internal positioning are factors that could be reviewed to make them ready to work when the crisis ends.

2.- Search engine optimization

In the absence of online advertising that gives us visibility, search engine positioning is undoubtedly a priority that every company must take into account when designing its digital strategy.

  • Because more than 70% users search Google for what we want to buy
  • Because more than 60% of users do not go beyond the first page of Google results when doing a search, which implies that if your website is not there, you are invisible. You don’t exist.

It is useless to have a website or an online store, if our potential customers are unable to find us on search engines.

3.- Digital strategy audit

The ultimate goal of any digital strategy is to sell, to get customers. However, many companies lack a sales system that helps them acquire Leads and convert them to customers appropriately.
Unfortunately, many times we only think about attracting visits to the web and we forget that 95% of those visits go as they have arrived. Without buying, without contacting us and without us knowing who they are.
Reviewing our customer acquisition systems or starting to put them into operation can be a fantastic action for these moments of confinement and teleworking.

4.- Content Marketing

Content is one of the best online marketing channels that a company can work on. Because it reaches the user directly and because it helps improve the positioning of any website.

5.- Social media strategy

Perhaps it is time to consider a good communication and management strategy on social networks. In combination with content marketing, it may be a good time to make a content plan or a Social Media Plan to start executing when this crisis is over.
For this reason, a good recommendation for this moment is to consult with an expert in social networks and propose objectives, work channels, actions to be carried out and, of course, we should set realistic and achievable results to be achieved by the end of the year?

6.- Online training

Another significant fact in these moments of closure is that online training platforms are having more sales than ever.
Again, the confinement in which we are all immersed, is favoring that many people are taking advantage of the time to train, especially now that many training platforms are also offering their courses for free.
Training in those areas of digital strategy that we work the most in the company can be very beneficial for when everything recovers and we return to normal.


Without a doubt, this crisis caused by the coronavirus COVID-19 will pass. The question is how we want our companies to be on the internet when everything returns to normal… Featured or invisible?

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